The 2nd Annual CR Year End Awards

Welcome cats and kittens to the second annual Cewsh Reviews End Of Year Awards extravaganza. Now if you’re a good little member of the Vice Brigade, you already read Ms. Cewsh’s awards last week and got an idea for how this sort of thing goes, but just in case, here’s a refresher We’ve reviewed dozens of matches and shows from all over the world this year to come to these conclusions, so if you were wondering whether or not we pulled them entirely out of our asses, we didn’t.  Except for where we did.

The basic idea, for those of you late to the party, is that all three of us will use the same awards from the first two categories (Good and Bad), and then go off on whatever wackiness we want for the final category (The aptly named Tanooki). The complicated bits are the Best and Worst Male and Female Wrestler of the Year, Best and Worst Tag Team, and More Impressive and Most Disappointing awards, so listen up. I took the scores I gave every single match had this year, and averaged the scores of every eligible wrestler. To become eligible you must have wrestled at least 3 matches that we reviewed.

By the end of the process there were over 74 candidates for Best and Worst, and you can do the math for yourself (or wait until then end where I will list the cumulative score of every candidate). The wrestlers are ranked in order by the their average scores from the Best of the Year, to the bitter end.

Alright, everybody good? Nobody fall asleep during that? Well then let’s let down the curtains, fire up the band, and get this jungle party started, motherfuckers!


The Good:

Match of the Year:

WWE Wrestlemania XXVI – Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker – Streak vs. Career – 100 out of 100.

Male Wrestler of the Year:

Daniel Bryan (WWE) – 88.66 out of 100.

Female Wrestler of the Year:
 Madison Rayne (TNA) – 61.33 out of 100.

Favorite Male Wrestler of the Year:

Naomichi Marufuji (Pro Wrestling NOAH)

Favorite Female Wrestler of the Year:


Show of the Year:

WWE Money In The Bank 2010 – 76.42 out of 100.

Best Mic Skills of the Year:

CM Punk (WWE)

Feud of the Year:

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (WWE)

Best Gimmick of the Year:

Alberto Del Rio (WWE)Rich, Mexican, And Better Than You.

Most Surprising Wrestler of the Year:

John Morrison (WWE) – 84.33 out of 100.

Rookie of the Year:

Rob Terry (TNA)

The Bad:

Worst Match of the Year:

WWE Wrestlemania XXVI – Team Beth vs. Team Mickie – 11 out of 100.

Worst Male Wrestler of the Year:

Rhino (TNA) – 58.33 out of 100.

Least Favorite Male Wrestler of the Year

Tyler Black (ROH)

Worst Female Wrestler of the Year:

Alicia Fox (WWE) – 44.75 out of 100.

Least Favorite Female Wrestler of the Year: 


Worst Mic Skills of the Year:

Tazz (TNA)

Worst Feud of the Year:

Edge vs. Kane (WWE)

Worst Gimmick of the Year:

Abyss (TNA) – Abyssamania 

Most Disappointing Wrestler of the Year:

Rob Van Dam (TNA) – 66.86 out of 100.

Veteran Most in Need of Retirement:

Mick Foley (TNA)

The Tanooki:

Gif of The Year:

I Love This Guy. (NJPW Super J Tag Tournament 2010)

Number of Complaints When We Did An Entire TNA Review With Just Facepalms:


Number of Complaints We Got For Actually Reviewing Ring of Honor Shows:


Best Picture We Never Got To Use:

I Was Saving This For If John Cena Ever Defeated The Whole Nexus Single Handedly At The Same Time.

Moment of the Year:

The Moment He Became The Best Heel On Earth (A Month Later They Turned Him Face).

Alright, that’ll do it for me this year, kiddos. Stay tuned next week for Vice’s Awards Gala, and stayed tuned through the year to come for some new ideas, some crazy shows, and an endless supply of wit and wisdom from your beloved Cewsh Reviews staff. So from all of us here at the Headquarters, we wish you a Happy Holidays and an exciting New Year.

And cake. Fucking right we wish you cake.

P.S.  Here are the complete scores for your notes:

Daniel Bryan 88.66
John Morrison 84.33
Batista 84
Kurt Angle 83.71
John Cena 82
Wade Barrett 81.5
Sheamus 81.4
The Undertaker 81.4
Triple H 80.66
Chris Jericho 80.5
Christian 80.33
Edge 80.11
Evan Bourne 79.75
Rey Mysterio 79.3
D’Angelo Dinero 78.5
Alex Shelley 78.33
Chris Sabin 78.33
Randy Orton 78.27
R-Truth 78
Ted Dibiase 78
Mr. Anderson 77.5
Jack Swagger 77.43
Kane 76.86
CM Punk 76.13
Dolph Ziggler 75.5
Rob Terry 75.33
Samoa Joe 75
AJ Styles 74.88
Kofi Kingston 74.44
Doug Williams 73.8
Cody Rhodes 73.5
Brian Kendrick 73.16
Kazarian 73
Drew McIntyre 72.43
Jeff Hardy 71.83
Scott Hall 71.66
Big Show 70.63
The Miz 69.7
Matt Morgan 69.5
Kevin Nash 69.33
Santino Marella 69.33
Jesse Neal 69
Jay Lethal 68.76
Shannon Moore 68.25
Mark Henry 68
Tommy Dreamer 68
James Storm 66.88
Rob Van Dam 66.86
Eric Young 66.33
Jay Uso 66.33
Jimmy Uso 66.33
Robert Roode 66
Sting 65.5
Brother Ray 65
Raven 65
Jeff Jarrett 64.5
Vladamir Kozlov 64
Desmond Wolfe 63.4
Brother Devon 63.33
DH Smith 62.2
Tyson Kidd 62.2
Sabu 61.33
Madison Rayne 60.6
Abyss 60
MVP 60
Stevie Richards 58.66
Hernandez 58.5
Tara 58.5
Rhino 58.33
Angelina Love 54
Layla 53.8
Eve 53
Maryse 50.5
Beth Phoenix 46.33
Michelle McCool 46
Alicia Fox 44.75

Written by Cewsh

I am the owner and operator of Cewsh Reviews. We review pro wrestling shows in a way that is funny and educational. Probably. Usually at least one or the other.


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