IWA: MS The Ted Petty Invitational 2008.

Cewsh: Here’s the very first review ever done by the Cewsh Reviews…crew. And by the crew I mean just me, because I couldn’t convince anyone to do this one with me. I went solo, and it went so well that we ran with it and I grabbed Vice and Ms. Cewsh on board. As a result of this being the first foray into reviewing, however, things are a little different. There is no real scoring system, no download seals of approval (ran out of fish to feed them), and not a ton of quality. But as a purely historical artifact, it may be a fun read anyway.

This review is also notable for being having originally been almost painfully badly formatted. I cleaned it up for your consumption. You can thank me later.

IWA: Mid South Proudly Presents…


Welcome, welcome to the first of what will surely be a long line of review segments from your hero, the Cewsh. Now let’s get a few things clear right off the bat here. I’m not interested in reading spoilers of shows before I watch them, I do not scour the internet looking for “insider information” from the likes of the great, infallible David Meltzer, and I will not be reviewing random events from 20 years ago that are completely self serving and irrelevant (unless I feel like it). The purpose of these reviews is to let you know my opinion on the current happenings in today’s wrestling world, and maybe to let you know about events you may otherwise not have noticed, and maybe also to help you avoid wasting a download on something that you’d rather chew your own face off than watch.

Now, all that said, I selected the Ted Petty invitational Tournament for my first review because it is considered by many to be the best showcase of independent talent (right up the with the ECWA Super 8) each year, and it is generally a great show from top to bottom. And even if it isn’t, unintentional humor is just as worthy of the Cewsh’s attention. So without further ado, please direct your attention to the set list below so that we can get started.

Your All Star List Of Competitors

Drake Younger
2 Tuff Tony
Michael Elgin
Josh Raymond
Tyler Black
Mustafa Ali
Egotistico Fantastico
Sami Callihan
Chris Hero
Necro Butcher
Eddie Kingston
Ace Steel
Bobby Fish
Too Cold Scorpio
Sara Del Ray
Trik Davis
Chuck Taylor
Dave Taylor
Tracy Smothers
Jimmy Jacobs
Claudio Castagnoli

Now just right off the bat you may notice that this tournament seems to lack what you might call…star power. But then again this is an indy show, and an opportunity to showcase some new talent, so I’ll be open minded here, and prepare myself for new experiences.

Night 1

Segment 1 – Opening promos. Opening my veins. Same difference.

We start off this lovely event with a loooong string of promos by pretty much every entrant into the illustrious competition, and I’m not going to lie to you, most of them are pretty awful. Quite aside from the nonsensical promos delivered by (sorry guys) nobodies like Ricochet and 2 Tuff Tony, the guys you might expect solid work from like your Chris Hero’s, your Jimmy Jacobs’, and your Ace Steel’s all seem to be mailing it in as well. Also, its worth mentioning here that if you enjoy the phrase “It is now the era of _____” and would like to not possess the desire to plant staples in your brain every time that you hear it, you may want to steer clear of this opening segment. If every independent wrestler was actually entitled to the era’s they claim to be beginning, the very fabric of time and space would unravel. Which might almost be a blessing, at this point. But I persevere, dear intrepid readers, and onwards we go to the next segment!

1,000 out of 1,000.5

Boredom over My Attention Span.

Segment 2 – The Laborious Introductions and a Bloody Gym Floor.

As the show officially gets underway, the participants are introduced for the live crowd, so that we can have a respectful display of sportsmanship, ala European catch wrestling style. The ring is loaded with the hungry, determined competitors. Luminaries of the ring such as Ace Steel, Dave Taylor and some guy who was clearly dressed by Mark Ecko this morning. Then, the smooth talking Aussie comes in (and trust me, they have given me no information on who these people are to this point) and the Ecko lover springs to attack him!

After lightly draping him across the ringpost, the fighting Aussie proceeds to bleed to an absurd extent, drenching the floor and his pretty blue shirt with blood. He then immediately demands a match against said attacker (whom is apparently named Jason Strife), and forfeits his spot in the tournament to obtain it. He’s even willing to put his career on the line for a whole year to get it! Clearly he is quite passionate about it, and Dingo (as his name is revealed to be) is very emotional about his desire to put Mr. Strife out of business, so to speak. Oddly enough, while it may seem like I’m being disparaging towards these guys, they’re actually the two most professionally dressed wrestlers on the show, and seem to have the best microphone skills. So either that makes for a heated feud, or an awful show. Only I can decide.

VII over XII

Strife over Sephiroth.

Segment 3 – Prince Mustafa Ali (Mini Daivari) vs. Egotistico Fantastico (Must Love Dogs).

As the first match of this legendary tournament gets under way, it becomes blatantly obvious to me that nobody has ever explained what exactly makes a gimmick work or even exist to the two young gentlemen. Mustafa Ali is apparently a Saudi Arabian Prince who uses mannerisms oddly similar to those of Daivari (who uses ones eerily similar to one Muhammad Hassan). He also has a Caucasian manager who is apparently not a fan of dogs. This likely would not have ever come up except that Egotistico Fantastico (who will from now on be referred to as Ego Fan) is an absolute mess of gimmicks.

Where to begin? He comes to the ring to an upbeat ska song, wears a floppy luchador mask, is about six feet tall and as skinny as your kid sister, and the piece de resistance: he brings a small dog to the ring with him. Is the dog his manager? Does it bring him luck? Is his gimmick that he’s the luchador who is friendly to canines? I have no idea, and I wonder if anyone does. Perhaps the dog. Inside that furry exterior beats the heart of the next Bobby Heenan.

34 out of 200

Ego Fan over Prince Ali.

Segment 4 – Dave Taylor (half naked) vs. Tracey Smothers (3/4ths naked)


Look, we’re talking about two guys north of 50 with conflicting styles wrestling an 8 minute match, and instead of talking about the match, the announcers spent the whole match complaining about the WWE. What do YOU think is going to come from this? Just skip ahead, and put your 8 minutes to better use. Like nose hair grooming. Or finding an all night cookie delivery shop in your area.

65 out of 308

Dave Taylor over Tracey Smothers.

Segment 5 – 2 Cold Scorpio (Its been 20 years, hasn’t he found a sweater yet?) vs. Bobby Fish(er)

A few thoughts:

– Scorpio is in better shape than almost anyone on this show. He’s almost been a genetic freak, but seriously, he looks good.

– This match was pretty good, and they’ve likely worked together before in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Honestly, this was one of the better matches of the night.

– The highlight of this match is ONE belligerent fan who is really not a fan of Bobby Fish. Some excerpts from this unnamed fan’s wit:

“Booby Fish loves dick!”

The crowd chants “Bobby Fish”. He distinctly yells “Er” after each chant.

*after the match* “Go back to playing chess, FAGGOT.”


76 out of 132

2 Cold Scorpio over Bobby Fish.

Segment 6 – Sara Del Ray (the Biggest Wrestler in the Tournament) vs. (Die) Trik (Die) Davis

Now I know very little about these two competitors, but right off the bat I can tell you that Del Ray is scary looking, and Davis is the most hated man on the roster. He comes out to more heat than you would imagine could generated by 18 people in a high school gym, and proceeds to be called some quite rude names, including the following exchange:

Trik (to a fan): “Why are you so agitated?”
Fan (to Trik): “Why are you so GAY?”


As for the match itself, it was an interesting one, with Del Ray essentially beating Davis all over the gym, and then beating him with a roll up in the middle of the ring. It would be easy to say that it hurts Davis’ credibility to get beaten by a girl, but a) He’s a chickenshit heel, and b) she’s got a foot and 50 pounds on him easy.

All in all, a solid match, though I’m not sure why Davis isn’t going further in the tournament with as much heat as he has. Oh, and post match a fan tried to get in Davis’ face, and despite having over a foot on the wrestler, Davis chest bumped him on his ass. Lawsuits are rare in this country right?

99 out of 6

Sara Del Ray over Trik Davis.

Segment 7 – Drake (I Have A Rap Music Intro But Am Super Duper White) Younger vs. 2 Tuff (4 Realz) Tony.

Quite frankly the basic premise behind this match was baffling to me. Not necessarily that these two men were entered into this competition, but that it is intended to be a technical wrestling match, something neither seems to be known for. I mean honestly, Tony is a regular for ICP’s promotion. Not a ton of submission style holds being swapped in that territory from what I understand. Also, Younger’s official nickname is “The Psycho Shooter” which honestly is probably a little more nickname than anybody in independent wrestling deserves at this point, especially as he appears to be both even tempered, and decidedly out of place in a technical wrestling match.

That said, they have the best match they can, and they have it for about 18 minutes. While waiting for this match to end so my eyes will begin speaking to me again, Vice and I mused about a possible tag team of 2 Tuff Tony and Kimbo Slice. The 2 Tuff Slices? 2 Realz Tuff 4 U 2 Slice? Potential for greatness there. Oh, it looks like the match is over. Huh, how about that. Moving on.

1 out of 1,000,000

Drake Younger over 2 Tuff Tony.

Segment 8 – Cassandro (Otherwise Known As Mr./Ms. What the Fuck Is THIS Now) vs. Chuck (I Got Punked By An 8 Year Old) Taylor.

The first thing you should know about this match is that Chuck Taylor attempts to heel it up on a nine year old kid before Cassandro makes his entrance, and the kid not only stands up to him, but gets the better of the exchange. Then, just to get some payback, Taylor jumps out of the ring as the kid is walking by with some popcorn and scares the hell out of him. I’d call it good heel work, if I thought that the kid couldn’t honestly have taken him.

The second thing you should know about this match is who Cassandro is. The below picture does this absolutely no justice. If you need one reason to see this show, this guy is it. Holy god.

The third thing you should know about this match is that the finish is a little botched and results in Taylor getting powerbombed off the top rope directly onto his face, resulting in him getting knocked the fuck out cold. Absolutely brutal, but amusing all the same.

That’s three reasons to watch this match. Three strikes baby, tune in.

80 out of 170

Cassandro over Chuck Taylor.

Segment 9 – Sami (Baby Road Warrior) Callihan vs. Chris (Oddest Body in Wrestling) Hero

Seriously, I’ve said this before, but how does a guy who wrestles as much and for as long as Chris hero manage to have a gut and chicken legs like he does? It is utterly baffling. As for Callihan, well, let’s just say that he has his own style. Kind of like if Road Warrior Animal and the muppet Animal had a kid and it really liked the Mad Max movies. At any rate, Chris Hero wrestled a solid match, and Callihan kept up with him just fine, and even managed to pull off the surprise upset, which certainly took me off guard, what with Hero being probably the biggest star in the field. All the same though, solid encounter here, with no complaints from me. And that says something.

75 out of 100

Sami Callihan over Chris Hero.

Segment 10 – Things Happen For Some Reason.

So yeah, Trik Davis comes out after Hero’s loss and taunts him or something. Then Hero says some stuff. So Davis slaps him. A fight ensues. But then they’re immediately just kind of hanging out. You know how independent show mics sound. The whole thing may as well have been in French with jerry lweis in the background making Flubber.

3 out of 5

Chaos over Sanity.

Segment 11 – Necro (What the Hell Is A Necro Anyway?) Butcher vs. Eddie (Probably Not From Jamaica) Kingston

Do you like violent brawls with no build up for no reason?

Sweet, then here’s the match for you.

Do you like anything else?

Then fast forward is your friend.

0 out of 0

Eddie Kingston over Necro Butcher.

Segment 12 – Josh (No Longer Shops At Abercrombie) Raymond vs. Tyler (I Enjoy The Color) Black

The idea here is that the artist formerly known as Josh Abercrombie is using this tournament to change his persona. He chooses to accomplish this with blue dreadlocks, black pantyhose, and a catchphrase that goes “…and you’ll find out, that there’s something about Raymond.” Which, of course, means absolutely nothing and is a reference to nothing. So yeah, whatever pays the rent I suppose. Now personally I’ve never seen much from Tyler Black whether here or in Ring of Honor. He’s solid, but hardly spectacular, but this match was good for him, and these two have excellent chemistry together. The crowd, very hot all night, pretty much took a bathroom break on his one, which detracted from the match somewhat, but it was perfectly enjoyable and actually between two up and coming talents who might actually go somewhere. A rarity thus far.

300 out of 400

Josh Raymond vs. Tyler Black.

Segment 13 – Jason Strife Beats Some Guy Up.

I have no idea who the guy was or what the impetus for the beating was, but I’ve never seen a brawl like this in all my time watching wrestling. Seriously, there was nothing fake or worked looking about it. It looked exactly like two jackasses having a fight in the middle of a gym, and seemed, for all the world, like Strife was beating up an actual fan who was trying to defend himself. Good times.

100 out of 101

Strife over Some Dude.

Segment 14 – Ace (Does Ring of Honor Want Me Back Yet?) Steel vs. Ares (The Other European Guy Who Says “Hey”)

Well, good match I suppose. A little awkward, as Ace didn’t seem interested in doing the comedy spots that Ares tried to set up, and a bit of a clash of styles as well. To be honest though, it turned out to be a very solid little match, that ended with yet another roll up, leading me to believe that the wrestlers on the indy scene these days aren’t actually allowed to use finishing maneuvers. Perhaps they’ve all been copyrighted? Hard to say.

12 out of 34

Ace Steel over Ares.

Segment 15 – Micheal (I Like Pie) Elgin vs. (Please Don’t Eat Me) Ricochet

It is not an understatement to say that I have seen 3rd graders with more muscle mass than Ricochet is sporting here, and I have also seen women with 8 kids with less stretch marks on their things than Mr. Elgin. I pretty much spent the duration of this match surfing asian porn torrents, because it was either that of put bleach in my eyes.

All indications actually point to it being a quality match, however. So if looks are not a factor, I encourage you to partake in this match, between two good, but overlooked young wrestlers.

Ugly out of 100

Micheal Elgin over Ricochet.

Segment 16 – Jimmy (Don’t Say Huss) Jacobs vs. Claudio (Is Nice) Castagnoli

This was exactly what you’d expect, and exactly what you’d want from this match. It was the match of the night, and just a really solid, hard hitting affair, with Castagnoli especially impressing me throughout. I know that Claudio’s push basically burnt out in Ring of Honor after his WWE developmental deal fell through, but he really is a special talent when the situation is right for him. Jacobs, as usual, is talented but seems slightly off. I just can’t buy his gimmick on a guy as small as he is, and no matter how hard I try to see him as some revolutionary badass, I simply can not. All the same, however, this is your match of the night, and nearly a good enough match to download the show for. Also, the uppercut that ends this match is one of my all time favorites of his.

4.5 out of 5

Claudio Castagnoli over Jimmy Jacobs.

Segment 17 – Jaysin (Cewsh Mispelled My Name A lot) Strife vs. (No Stereotypes Here!) Dingo

Okay, really? His theme song is “Land Down Under” by Men At Work and his name is Dingo. Perhaps he could wrestle Crocodile in his spare time, or wear one of those adorable Crocodile Dundee hats. Jesus. At any rate, this match was personal, bloody, and exceptionally well worked considering that I’d never heard of either guy before this show, and know absolutely nothing about their apparently long running rivalry. This is also, and this came as a surprise for me, a match for the IWA heavyweight title. So just to recap, the title is on the line, and the loser has to leave IWA: Mid South for an entire year. So its got purpose, emotion, and it doesn’t disappoint. This match is a close second behind Jacobs/Castagnoli for match of the night, and considering who that puts them in the league of, that’s a major feather in the cap of both of these two men.

Great match. Come for Jacobs/Castagnoli (and Cassandro) but stay to see this one.

4.3 out of 5

Dingo over Jaysin Strife.

There you have it folks, Night 1 of the Ted Petty Invitational Tournament. This thing was long as balls, so unless anybody want me to, i’m gonna leave off on doing Night 2. Consider this a test to see if anybody reads this before I write 10 Word pages worth of valuable ruminating and insightful comedy. And fat jokes. Some of those in there too.

Night 2

 Alright my band of intrepid readers, let’s get right into the action on night 2 of the 2008 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament. When last we left off, the first round of matches had completed and Dingo had retained his IWA World Heavyweight Championship in a Loser Leaves Town match with Jaysin Strife. Night 1 certainly had its ups and downs, but now that we’re on to night 2, the level of talent in the matches should be picking up, and we’ll see how things shake out.

Here are the guys (and girls and Cassandro) still in the running for this prestigious prize:

Egotistico Fantastico
Josh Raymond
Michael Elgin
Drake Younger
Dave Taylor
Claudio Castagnoli
Sara Del Ray
2 Cold Scorpio
Ace Steel
Eddie Kingston
Sami Callihan

Segment 1 – The Open Tag Challenge. Jimmy (I’m short but mean) Jacobs and Tyler (I’m tall but mellow) Black vs. ???? and ???? (possibly accompanied by ????)

Out for the opening match come two first round losers from night 1, and they don’t seem particularly happy. They appear to be quite keen on some sporting competition this evening, so they cordially invite any duo of fine gentlemen in the locker room this evening to come and join them in athletic competition in the squared circle. At least I assume that’s what Jacobs was shouting about over the house microphone. The “Open Challenge” thing is probably fairly self explanatory.

Then, to the tune of Souja Boy’s “Superman” out come a tag team known as the Soul Touchaz, and your beloved Cewsh was forced to look on as they (and their portly manager was has apparently been raiding James Mitchell’s wardrobe) do the entire Superman dance, and then bounce up and down. These guys are basically a skinny Cryme Tyme with a fat Teddy Long managing them. Yep, good times. For the record, Eddie Kingston is on commentary at this point and, in keeping with the wonderful commentary traditions of IWA:MS, he has a few gems to dispense:

*On Tyler Black* “He looks like a retarded Brusier Brody.”

*On Marcel Rocket* “Wooooooooooow! My man got some ups!”

*On double team move by the Tochaz* “They’re break dance fighting!”

That’s some good commentary right there.

Watching this match, it occurs to me that Jimmy Jacobs is a guy I always expect to be all about technical wrestling and high flying skills, but he’s really just a crazy brawler guy. That probably explains why all of his matches turn into wild slugfests, but its weird that that never occurred to me until now. At any rate, when it comes to the match itself, I have to say that it was definitely refreshing to see Black and Jacobs in a regular wrestling match. I’ve really only seen them team in Ring of Honor, and its all been hardcore stuff lately, but they are a legitimately quality tag team, and this is a really good opening match. The crowd gets really, really into it, and it makes the Touchaz look like legitimate stars who could really beat a top team like Jacobs and Black. But the highlight of the match had to be the part where the small one decides to spit hot chocolate into Black’s eyes. Hot chocolate? Really? That’s just mean.

75.65 out of 174

Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black over The Soul Touchaz with a Small Package Driver.

Segment 2 – Josh (My Dreadlocks Contain My Pain) Raymond vs. Egotistico (I Hate Typing This Guy’s Name) Fantastico

Alright, we’re off and running with the first official tournament match of the night. Ego Fan is out looking very excited, but…wait a second. Where’s his dog? There’s no dog with him! Ladies and gentlemen he has lost his gimmick! I don’t know who he is if he’s not a dog loving luchador! This is incredibly distressing. So distressing in fact that in my ranting I missed the first 5 minutes of this match. I regain my focus in time to see lots of fast paced action, including a leapfrog being reversed into a headbutt to the junk. Possibly the most effective and destructive maneuver ever introduced into a wrestling ring. Raymond (the receiver of said crotchal destruction) should thank his lucky stars that Ego Fan can’t afford a mask with horns that don’t droop and appear to be made of construction paper, because he’d pretty much be having a rotten day otherwise. They have themselves a fine little match, nothing special, but all that you should tune in for is most amazingly painful move since the Brock Lock, and then you’ll not miss much if you move right on along to segment 3.

52 out of 1,000

Egotistical Fantastico over Josh Raymond with the Turnaround Moonsault.

Segment 3 – Michael (I Ate Ricochet) Elgin vs. Drake (More cracker than a Ritz box) Younger

Okay, as you may recall I completely avoided Michael Elgin’s match on Night 1, as a result of not wanting to permanently remove my sex drive from existance, but on this one I forced myself to watch, and I was really impressed by Elgin’s abilities as a big man. He’s hard hitting, wrestles a strong roughneck style, but its his bumping that really stands out for me. He takes the kind of bumps you’d expect from a guy like Paul London, not a big fat, hairy guy in the indies. As a result, this match was more than solid, with the story of Elgin working Younger’s leg and just being vicious about it. Will that become a factor later in the night? Maaaaaaaybe. Towards the end it gets brutal with elbows and strong style forearms, until the end finally comes. Its worth mentioning, without trying to spoil the match, that this match ends by referee stoppage, which I was not aware was an actual option for referees. Aren’t you just supposed to disqualify a guy if he is repeated closed fist punching a guy in the eye? Oh me and my old fashioned sensibilities.

555 out of 100

Drake Younger over Michael Elgin with the Ground and Pound.

Segment 4 – Claudio (The Only Thing From Switzerland Other Than Titties and Cheese) Castagnoli vs. Dave (Social Security Kicks In Soon!) Taylor

This match, as you might expect is all about the young upstart Castagnoli trying to out pace the old man, and the wily old veteran showing the young punk a thing or two. It’s a good story, and they tell it quite well, and I have to say that Taylor seems to have more in the tank than just about anybody else his age I’ve seen wrestle. He’s bumping around and taking some stiff shots, and doing cartwheels all over the place. Its fun to see, to be honest. It’s a pretty short match, but high quality for what it was, and worth a peek. After the match there’s a nice moment too where the crowd gives Taylor a standing ovation and dual chants “Thank you Taylor” and “You’ve still got it.” Its always heartwarming to see usually bloodthirsty crowds like this one show some respect for the veterans, and this is no exception.

360 out of 362

Claudio Castagnoli over Dave Taylor with a Backslide.

Segment 5 – (Macho Man (?)) Cassandro vs. (Hulk Woman) Sara Del Ray

Dear readers, I find myself utterly at a loss on this one. This match pits a man dressed as a female flamenco dancer, against a woman who is bigger and more intimidating than anyone else on this show. How do you want to call this one, exactly? The match starts off with Cassandro attempting to seduce the referee, and then Del Ray and Cassandro get into a slap fight. I just don’t know, man. I just don’t know. For the record I can’t help but think that Sara Del Ray is pretty cute, but cute in that way that you know that she’d probably permanently damage you if you got anywhere near her fun bits. Anyway, this match really, really good, with a ton of back and forth technical wrestling in the beginning, including some great arm drag reversals, that get the crowd all fired up. At some point Del Ray gets some lipstick right in the shape of a kiss, right on top of her left nipple, which resulted in me rewinding about 50 times trying to figure out how the hell THAT got there. Nothing conclusive, but amusing nonetheless. A hard hitting, dynamic match, and probably the match of the night so far. An odd. So, so very odd.

200 out of 2,000,000

Sara Del Ray over Cassandro with a Cross Arm Breaker.

Segment 6 – 2 Cold (I’m Too Old For This Shit) Scorpio vs. Ace (Seriously, Does Anybody Have Gabe’s Number?) Steel.

I’m not going to tell you anything you can’t surmise for yourself about this match just from the two people in it. Its very solid, with Scorpio doing moves he shouldn’t be able to at his age and size, and Ace bringing his unique style to the table. They don’t go for anything too special with it, and it seems like they’re pacing themselves, which makes sense in a tournament. It’s a good match. Watch it and stuff. And keep and eye out for near the end where Scorpio actually does AJ Styles’ pele kick, prompting a “What the fuuuuuuuuck?!” from me.

65 out of 75

2 Cold Scorpio over Ace Steel with a Crucifix Roll Up.

Segment 7 – Sami (My Dad Was a Drummer. For The Muppets.) Callihan vs. Eddie (Jamakin Me Crazy) Kingston

Now I don’t know a ton about either of these guys, but its worth mentioning that Kingston is hugely, hugely over in IWA:MS, and Callihan is being touted as a major up and coming talent for the promotion, so its worth mentioning that, for IWA:MS at least, this is a big, big match. The story here is that Kingston respects Callihan, so he’s not breaking the rules or closed fist punching him (See Younger? You’re just a jerk.), which goes against his style, and its throwing him off and giving Callihan openings. Of course, the story breaks down over time, and Kingston is soon beating the bejesus out of the poor kid. This match gets BRUTAL with a capital RUT, and the ending is pretty much just them bludgeoning each other half to death. After the match though, they shake hands on their knees in probably the best received single moment of the night from the audience.

7 out of 100

Sami Callihan over Eddie Kingston with the Madman Lariat.

Segment 8 – IWA:MS Light Heavyweight Title Match: Jason (I Robbed Rob Halford’s House) Hades(c) vs. Jayson (I Spell It With A Y) Quick

This match is being held in a cage for absolutely no reason that I can discern. They appear to have no feud, and just be two guys who are going to have a title match. Which is cool, but if that is the case, why is there a cage? And why is the cage match in the middle of the show, so they’ll have to spend like an hour putting it up and taking it down? To give the Tournament guys a chance to rest up, maybe? That’d make sense, I suppose. Anyhow, Quick is out there with a manager, probably the skankiest blonde woman I have seen in wrestling since the old ECW days. Blonde hair, extensions, back tattoo, oh yeah. Its all there.

These two young men clearly went to the Davey Richards school of hard kicks and high spots = awesome match. I must take a break at this point to say that this is a cage match where the cage is clearly and openly being held together by some wooden stakes, and within a minute of the start of the match, the manager slips a chair into the ring, thus completely defeating the purpose of there being a cage at all. And at the 5 minute mark the announcers share with me that this is not only a cage match, but an I Quit If You Lose You Have To Change Your Name To Something Other Than Jason In A Cage match. Riiiiight. Later on in the match a screwdriver gets involved, and shenanigans ensue. And then somebody loses and can’t be Jason anymore. They just about cripple each other in the meantime. Not in the fun way either. Its also worth mentioning that after the match the winner ALSO announces that he has changed his last name. So essentially this match had no purpose. Have fun with that guys.

0 out of 100

Jason Hades over Jaysin (Not Anymore!) Quick with a Screwdriver in the Face.

Segment 9 – Egotistical (I’m Wearing A Blanket Now) Fantastico vs. Drake (Gimpy) Younger

Okay, what the hell Ego Fan? The first match you have a dog, the second match you have nothing but your floppy mask and you wits, and now in the semi finals you are wearing a parka for NO REASON. I dub you El Randomo and will refer to you thusly from now on. Younger, himself, comes out limping after what Elgin did to him earlier in the night, though the second the match proper starts, he completely forgets that it is supposed to be hurting as he does powerbombs and runs the ropes just dandily. The art of selling is alive and well. About midway through the match, the two men engage in something that I find utterly fascinating. They take a seat in the front row, and have a punching contest, that is referred to as a barroom brawl. They literally sit next to each other and punch each other in the face back and forth while the fans chant for each punch. I’ve never seen anything like it, but everyone seemed to take it as a matter of course, so I guess its one of Younger’s signature things.

Its also worth mentioning that about 0.01% of this match actually takes place in the ring itself, so if you like brawling all over a high school gym, then this is going to be all good for you (I’m looking at you butcher of Necros). After about 7 minutes Younger remembers all of a sudden that he has a bad leg and starts limping all over the place, only to forget again IMMEDIATELY, and do some top ropes moves. I’ve seen some no selling in my day, but he’s not even trying.

48 out of 50

Drake Younger over El Randomo with a Dropped Him On His Head.

Segment 10 – Claudio (I’m The Only Name Wrestler Left!) Castagnoli vs. Sara (Gets Freaky With Cross Dressers) Del Ray

To be honest I was surprised to see Del Ray get this far. Not because she isn’t good enough or didn’t deserve it, but because I wasn’t expecting her to be bigger than everyone in the tournament except for Claudio. This is a stiff match if ever there was one, with Sara pretty much beating the living hell out of Castagnoli, and both of them getting messed up pretty bad before the end. I’m not going to lie, this is a the best match and I think Sara Del Ray is the best worker on this show. Its just hard hitting, believable, and they have just a great, great 15 minute match. If you’re looking for a good match, this is it. Here you go.

85 out of -85

Claudio Castagnoli over Sara Del Ray with the Riccola Bomb.

Segment 11 – Sami (I Changed My Wardrobe To Show Off My Awesome Body) Callihan vs 2 Cold (I Have Giant Ears That Contain My Anti Gravity Machine) Scorpio

This one is a bit of a mishmash of styles with Callihan being a kind of strong style sort of guy, and Scorpio being, well, Scorpio. The early highlight of this match is Scorpio dancing with some bald, white guy in the front row. That guy got down with the Scorp. The rest of the match was the best it could be, with Scorpio livening it up and doing some great moves and some solid bumping, but this match was designing to put Callihan over as a main event player, and that’s exactly what it does. This show is actually turning out to be sort of a coming out party for Sami Callihan, because while they’re also pushing hard for Drake Younger on the other side of the bracket, Callihan is getting some big time wins, and is looking like a real star in his matches, with the crowd losing their mind in support of him. This match is a must see on the show, just to see the progression of Callihan, the top notch skills of Scorpio, and the most brutal lariat I’ve ever seen not delivered in Japan.

111 out of 100

Sami Callihan over 2 Cold Scorpio with the Madman Lariat.

Segment 12 – Team Eastman (Prince Mustafa Ali, Ares, and Bobby Fish(er)) vs. Team Dingo (Dingo, Ricochet, and 2 Tuff Tony)

Some notes about this match:

– Ricochet appears to have managed to remain uneaten. Definitely a plus for him.

– Ricochet looks EXACTLY like Sonjay Dutt in the match.

– The white manager of Prince Ali is carrying a box of Minute Rice. We never find out why, but he throws some on the mat. Massel tov!

– Whoever is commentating spends the first 3 minutes singing Hendrix songs loudly, and badly. Then demands more Hendrix when the match starts.

– Ricochet and 2 Tuff Tony decide to double team Dingo. Possibly because, without his accent, he looks like every other wrestler on the independent scene and they got confused.

– Now everyone in the match is fighting each other. Again for no reason.

– Kingston has nice words to say for Dingo, post match. He’s a nice man.

2 out of 3

Team Dingo over Team Eastman.

Segment 13 – Trik (Or Treat) Davis vs. Chris (Villain) Hero

This match is, I assume, as a result of their altercation in Night 1 where they had a violent brawl and then…hung out and talked for awhile. I guess that they’re all about the violent part, because this turns into a violent brawl into the crowd pretty quick, and man is it violent. Such moves as the “throw a Mountain Dew at the other guy” and the “trip and fall over a chair and headbutt the other guy in the shins” are employed. In fact they never, as a matter of fact, enter the ring in this match until about the 12 minute mark. Not that the action gets any less random once they get there. Keep an eye out for Davis deciding to work a part of Hero’s body that is perhaps unorthodox.

35 out of Meh

Trik Davis over Chris Hero with a Suplex Thingy.

Segment 14 – The Finals of the 2008 Ted Petty Invitational: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger

Since this match is actually important, I thought I’d dispense with the nicknames this time. That and I’ve already nicknamed them all like 80 times, and I’ve gotta tell you, the creativity wagon don’t make that many stops. Its also worth mentioning that this is by far the longest match of either night, going a full 30 minutes and almost doubling the next longest, so you know, settle in. Get some popcorn, find your girlfriend a flash game to play, shut off your phone, and get ready for the big time.

The stories here go like this. Castagnoli has been in 5 of these tournaments and has never won, so he wants to cement his place as a top indy talent. Younger wants to prove to everyone that he can be more than just a deathmatch wrestler, and wants to secure his place as the top guy in IWA:MS. Callihan is on a meteoric rise through the promotion, and is riding a huge wave of momentum after beating Scorpio and Kingston, and is trying to show that he can run with the top dogs. Okay, got it? Good. This is a elimination style triple threat, with it becoming a singles match after one guy is eliminated. The match is basically centered around Younger who is frequently fighting either of them, and is basically beaten down as the match progresses especially with his damaged leg (when he remembers to sell it), earning him the underdog reaction from the crowd. Which is impressive because coming into the match the crowd was ALL pro Callihan, but Younger gets the crowd behind him, as the two, especially Castagnoli, work him over. A one legged big swing, a figure four and some vicious leg strikes are all featured but Younger will not give up. Its very effective and emotional, and the ending is very good.

I will say here and now, that I thought that the wrong guy went over here, as I thought that Callihan had the most momentum, and crowd support, but it worked just fine the way it happened, and it definitely seemed like a big time, big deal.

1 out of 1

Drake Younger over Sami Callihan with the Psycho Driver; Drake Younger over Claudio Castagnoli with the Psycho Driver.

Congratulations to the 2008 Ted Petty Invitational Champion Drake Younger!

Well it was a good show this year, even if it wasn’t quite up to the standards of Ted Petty tournaments of years past. I went into this show seeing a bunch of no names, and really only Callihan made a name for himself in my eyes, so that may say bad things about the state of the independent scene in general, or maybe it just says that people were booked up this year. At any rate, we’ll see how things go for IWA:MS in the future, and I hope you’re looking forward to my next review which will be the first of the official Cewsh/Vice tandem, where we tackle the August 1, 2008 Ring of Honor show in Mannasas, Virginia: Fueling The Fire.

Written by Cewsh

I am the owner and operator of Cewsh Reviews. We review pro wrestling shows in a way that is funny and educational. Probably. Usually at least one or the other.

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