Wrestlemania Greatest Matches #25: Triangle Ladder Match (Wrestlemania 2000)


The Build: Edge and Christian battled The Hardyz in a memorable feud throughout the later part of 1999, culminating in a classic Ladder Match at No Mercy 1999. The Hardyz and Dudley Boyz then came into conflict, with Matt and Jeff winning a Tables match at the Royal Rumble. The Dudleyz came back to defeat The New Age Outlaws to win the World Tag Team Championship at No Way Out, while Edge and Christian defeated The Hardyz in a #1 Contender’s Match. Because The Hardyz were cheated at No Way Out, they were added to the match. This left us with a Triangle Ladder Match for Wrestlemania.
It’s hard to play-by-play this match due to the sheer number of spots. Early on Christian comes off a ladder in the ring onto Matt Hardy and Bubba with a Cross Body onto the floor.
Jeff Hardy climbs a ladder but gets Speared off of it by Edge. That one always blows me away, both guys execute it perfectly. Multiple ladders get set up and all six guys fight on them but end up going off, with Christian and Jeff going all the way to the floor.
The Dudleyz hit a 3D on Edge and go to get tables. They construct a tower in the ring with a table on top of ladders. Bubba Powerbombs Matt from the ring through a table on the floor. Jeff runs the railing but gets a ladder thrown into his face by Bubba. Bubba gets hit with the ring bell and laid out on a table, which allows Jeff to hit a monster Swanton Bomb off a huge ladder through two tables. Insane, iconic spot there.
Matt and Christian fight on top of the ladder, at which point Edge shows up and throws Matt off the ladder through a table. Edge and Christian grab the belts and win the match.
Rating: ****. Damn, what a crazy match. This absolutely revolutionized the ladder match, another escalation from the No Mercy 1999 match. Just unbelievable spots here.

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