Wrestlemania Greatest Matches #24: TLC II (Wrestlemania 17)


The Build: One year after they changed wrestling with their first Triangle Ladder Match, they came back for round three. Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz, and The Dudley Boyz had a rematch of their epic Ladder Match at Summerslam, the first ever Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Edge and Christian once again walked away as champions. Could they do it again at Wrestlemania 17?
The Match
Edge and Christian get tossed from the ring but come back with chairs and beat up their opponents. Edge climbs for the belts, but gets knocked off the ladder with a Missile Dropkick from Jeff Hardy. The Hardyz then hit their simultaneous Leg Drop/Splash on Christian. Two guys jumping off ladders for that move is basically a transition in this match.
download (1)
The Dudleyz hit the “Wazzzup” Headbutt and then go for tables. They put Edge on a table and then Powerbomb Jeff through him (and the table). All six guys climb and Christian goes off to the floor. Everybody else falls off too. Edge climbs and it looks like he’s going to win until Spike Dudley shows up and pulls him down. Acid Drop on Edge. Spike hits another Acid Drop on Christian and they both go through a table on the floor.
Rhyno shows up and hits Gores on The Dudleyz and Hardyz. Matt gets a Gore through a table. Edge climbs again but this time Lita shows up to stop him. The interference really added another dimension to this match. She takes a 3D.
Jeff pulls out a huge ladder and hits a Swanton Bomb off of it onto Rhyno and Spike.
download (2)
Moments later Jeff is in the ring and we get the classic spot where he hangs from the belts until being Speared down by Edge.
download (3)
Bubba and Matt climb the ladder, but Rhyno knocks it over and they crash through tables. Edge and Christian are the only two left standing and grab the belts to win the match.
Rating: ****1/4. Damn, that was amazing. I’ll rate it a bit higher than the one from the year before. I thought this was a bit more cohesive in terms of its story with Edge and Christian being true heels. I also liked having Lita, Spike, and Rhyno there. More people to take bumps, more chaos.
Aftermath: Thankfully, they didn’t go any further with this series. I would have been terrified to see what these guys would have felt the need to do to top themselves the next time. Edge and Jeff Hardy went on to become WWE Champions. Christian held the World Heavyweight Title and the TNA Title. Bubba held the TNA Title. D-Von was a singles champion in TNA. And Matt Hardy turned out to be the most entertaining of them all, which is saying something.

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