Wrestlemania Greatest Matches #28: Ric Flair vs. The Undertaker


The Build

Undertaker had turned heel in December, forcing Jim Ross to kiss Mr. McMahon’s ass. His new attitude brought him into conflict with Flair, the new co-owner of the WWF. Undertaker challenged Flair to fight him, but Flair refused due to his responsibilities as owner of the company. Undertaker forced Flair’s hand by attacking and brutalizing his best friend Arn Anderson and his son David.
The Match
The version of this I’m watching has Undertaker’s 1999 Ministry of Darkness theme dubbed in over Limp Bizkit. It’s one of my favorite themes ever, so I’m not complaining. Flair is out second. He’s in excellent shape here, I remember there being speculation about whether he’d be in fighting shape after not wrestling much for the last few years.
Flair takes it to Undertaker, beating him out of the ring. Anything goes here, no disqualifications or count outs. Flair is throwing fists instead of the usual chops. This is serious business. Undertaker gets control to toss Flair into the corner for the Flair Flip and a boot off the apron. Undertaker beats up Flair on the floor and Flair blades. The beating goes on for awhile, really letting the heat build.
A Flair comeback gets shut down and Undertaker hits an absolutely beautiful Superplex. Undertaker pulls Flair up on the pin, which gets a lot of heat. Flair manages to counter Old School and throw Taker off the top. Taker immediately shuts the comeback down with a Sidewalk Slam. They go to the floor and Flair gets a lead pipe from Taker’s bike. He levels Taker with the pipe.
Back in the ring, Flair locks on the Figure Four and the crowd goes wild. Taker manages to goozle Flair and gets him up for a Chokeslam. Now Flair kicks out. Taker’s not messing around anymore. Taker beats up the referee, who happens to be Charles Robinson. At this point Arn Anderson appears in the ring and hits a huge Spinebuster on Taker. Awesome moment there.
Taker can’t get Flair up for the Last Ride, so he instead goes to the Tombstone. That gets three. Mercifully, it’s over.
Rating: ****. Love this match. Forgotten by history, but one of Flair’s last great matches. Just absolutely brutal stuff. Taker beat Flair senseless, Flair fought like a warrior but couldn’t overcome The Phenom.
Taker raises ten fingers to signify that he’s 10-0 at Wrestlemania.

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