Wrestlemania Greatest Matches #32: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar


The Build: Brock Lesnar returned to WWE the night after Wrestlemania 28, hitting John Cena with the F5 in emphatic fashion. He beat the shit out of Cena in their match at Extreme Rules, only to lose in fluky fashion. Then he got into it with Triple H, locked The Game in a Kimura, and broke Triple H’s arm. The arm healed and Triple H challenged Lesnar to a match at Summerslam. Lesnar beat the shit out of Triple H and broke his arm again with another Kimura. And to boot he broke Shawn Michaels’s arm. Just for funsies.

Brock kayfabe quit WWE after Summerslam and stayed away until a few weeks before Wrestlemania, when he showed up to protect Paul Heyman from Vince McMahon. Triple H also returned in that segment, attacking Brock and busting him open in gruesome fashion.


The match was made with gimmicks upon gimmicks: No Disqualification, No Count Out, Triple H has to retire if he loses. And the stage was set.

The Match


Triple H has Shawn Michaels in his corner here to counteract Paul Heyman. Triple H actually starts off taking it to Lesnar. Lesnar takes a Clothesline over the barricade that I believe concussed him. Also, Triple H was apparently burned by the smoke effects during his entrance. The fact that you didn’t really notice either during the match shows just how tough these guys are. Brock turns the match around with a devastating and amazing series of suplexes out on the floor. It’s unbelievable to watch a guy Triple H’s size get tossed around like he’s Rey Mysterio.


Back in the ring, Lesnar continues to dominate with suplex after suplex. Time is running out on Triple H’s career. Every hope spot from HHH is shut down by another Lesnar suplex. Triple H goes for a Pedigree, but Lesar gets him up for the F5. Shawn gets in the ring and goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Lesnar catches him and hits the F5! Brock turns around right into a Pedigree, but kicks out at two. Triple H has to resort to using the sledgehammer, but Brock cuts him off and hits the F5. That only gets two.


They go to the floor and Brock smacks Triple H with the ring steps. He throws them into the ring, which somehow always proves to be his undoing. Brock escapes a Pedigree attempt and locks on the Kimura. Brock ends up on the top rope for extra leverage, but that gives Triple H the opportunity to hit a Spinebuster. Triple H works on Lesnar’s arm and then locks him in a Kimura!


Brock is clearly in pain, and you can see a look of panic in his eyes. He has no idea what to do, so he calls for Heyman. Heyman gets into the ring and gets leveled by Sweet Chin Music! Shawn rides to the rescue just in time.


Because Brock is a freak of nature, he’s able to lift Triple from the mat and slam him onto the steps. Triple H keeps locks in the Kimura, and Brock keeps slamming him. The last time, Triple H is able to counter with a DDT onto the steps. Triple H gets the sledge hammer, drills Brock in the face with it, then Pedigrees him on the steps for the win.


Rating: ****. Gather the pitchforks and torches, but I thought it was great. Brock lost, but he looked like such a beast here. He threw Triple H all over ringside. At one point he had destroyed both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Triple H worked the arm relentlessly, and was only able to win because Brock toyed with him instead of getting the win when he could have.

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