Royal Rumble 2009


The Rest of the Card:

-Jack Swagger defeated Matt Hardy to retain the ECW Championship

-Melina defeated Beth Phoenix to win the WWE Women’s Champion

-John Cena defeated John “Bradshaw” Layfield to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

-Edge defeated Jeff Hardy to win the WWWE Championship

The Match

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are on commentary.

Rey Mysterio is #1. John Morrison is #2. Nice exchange before Carlito enters #3. MVP is #4. This is shortly after the conclusion of his losing streak storyline. The Great Khali is #5. Vladimir Kozlov is #6. He destroys everyone in the ring and eliminates Khali, MVP, and Carlito. #7 is Triple H. Love when they bring a big gun out early. He wins a slugfest with Kozlov and eliminates him! That was probably a little too easily for a new monster heel to go out.

#8 is Randy Orton. #9 is JTG after he wins a coin toss with Shad. #10 is Ted DiBiase, stablemate of Randy Orton in The Legacy. We get some impressive rope dangling from DiBiase, Mysterio, Morrison, and JTG. #11 is Chris Jericho. He was fired by Stephanie McMahon on Raw on Monday in a storyline I only vaguely remember. Mike Knox is #12. The Miz is #13, but he doesn’t last long. He and Morrison both get RKOed by Orton and then tossed by Triple H.


#14 is Finlay. Mysterio survives elimination by walking over Miz and Morrison on the floor. #15 is Cody Rhodes and we’ve got both of Orton’s run-in buddies in the match. They all go after Triple H. Finlay tries to interrupt and gets beaten for his trouble. Undertaker is #16. This is his last appearance in the Royal Rumble to date. He takes shots at everybody and then tosses JTG. #17 is Goldust. Him and Cody come face-to-face and get into it. Orton drills the Bizarre One with an RKO and then gives Cody the honor of eliminating his brother.


CM Punk is #18 to a big pop. He had just won the Intercontinental Championship. He reverses a Pedigree and hits Triple H with the GTS. Mark Henry is #19. “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin is #20. #21 is William Regal. Mysterio pulled the rope down on Henry to eliminate him during Regal’s entrance.


#22 is Kofi Kingston. The ring is full and has been full for almost the entire match. Kane is #23. Him and Taker go face to face and then team up. Double Chokeslam on DiBiase. Stereo Chokeslams on Kofi and Jericho. Punk eliminates Regal. Just kind of pulled him over the top rope, wonder if he slipped.


#24 is R-Truth. Rob Van Dam is #25 to a big pop. He had been gone for a couple years at this point. I’ve commented on it before, but Van Dam is always over huge at the Rumble. #26 is The Brian Kendrick. He immediately dumps Kofi Kingston. But then Triple H dumps him. Kendrick lasts 15 seconds. #27 is Dolph Ziggler in his first Rumble appearance. He’s dumped by Kane in less than 30 seconds. #28 is Santino, he’s eliminated in one second by Kane. New record.


#29 is “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Always a fun legend entrant. #30 is Big Show, and we have to do the “how is anyone going to throw him out?” routine. Probably the same way they have in every other Rumble he’s competed in. We reach the endgame and there are 15 people in the ring. It’s been a crowded Rumble. Show starts clearing things out: He eliminates Duggan, R-Truth, CM Punk, Mike Knox, and Mysterio (who lasted nearly 50 minutes after entering #1). In the midst of that, Kane eliminates Finlay.


Van Dam is tossed by Jericho, who turns around to be eliminated by Undertaker. Kane is eliminated by a Legacy triple team. So we’ve got Legacy against Triple H, Undertaker, and Big Show. The two threesomes face off. After Legacy is laid out Big Show and Taker go at it. Big Show skins the cat, showing pretty much anyone can do it. Still impressive. Big Show and Undertaker struggle on the apron and Orton sneaks in to RKO Big Show onto the top rope and eliminate him. Then Big Show pulls Undertaker off the apron and they go at it on the floor.


So the final four is Orton, Triple H, Rhodes, and DiBiase. Triple H dominates and manages to eliminate Rhodes and DiBiase, but is caught from behind by Orton and eliminated. Huge pop for Orton winning.


Rating: **¾. That was kind of boring. Way too many guys in the ring, very few creative spots, not many meaningful eliminations. I wish they had booked Legacy stronger than they did. They got to the end, but they were nowhere near dominant throughout.

The Aftermath

After Triple H won the WWE Championship at No Way Out in an Elimination Chamber Match, Orton challenged him to a title match at Wrestlemania by attacking Stephanie. Orton would lose in a terribly disappointing match.

On Smackdown, things got a little weird. Edge lost the WWE Championship to Triple H in the Elimination Chamber. He then forced his way into the Raw Elimination Chamber Match and won to become the World Heavyweight Champion. John Cena invoked his rematch clause for Wrestlemania. And then Vickie Guerrero added Big Show to the match because they were having an affair. Cena won the title. Like I said, it got weird.

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