Royal Rumble 1991


The Rumble this year was overshadowed by a huge shocker on the undercard, as Sgt. Slaughter upset Ultimate Warrior (with the aid of Randy Savage) to become the WWF Champion. That meant the WWF Champion was held by an Iraqi Sympathizer as the United States was in the midst of a war against Iraq.

With that, there was only one man who could win the Rumble. It had to be the American hero, Hulk Hogan. Who else was going to fight for America’s honor?

The Rest of the Card:

-The Rockers defeated The Orient Express

-Big Bossman defeated The Barbarian

-Sgt. Slaughter defeated The Ultimate Warrior to win the WWF Championship

-Ted DiBiase and Virgil defeated Dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes

Only note is yes, Goldust was in the WWF in 1991 when he was 21 years old.  

The Match

Rumble promos from: Tugboat, Demolition, Dino Bravo, and Mr. Perfect.

And now comments from Hulk Hogan.

Gorilla Monsoon and Roddy Piper are on commentary tonight.

Bret Hart is #1. Always happy to see Bret in the match early. Dino Bravo is #2. #3 is Greg Valentine, who quickly tosses Bravo. #4 is Paul Roma. Not much happening. #5 is Texas Tornado Kerry von Erich. #6 is Rick Martel. #7 is Saba Simba, Tony Atlas as an African warrior. Somehow, that never got over. There is still absolutely nothing happening. #8 is Bushwhacker Butch. Martel manages to eliminate Simba, first elimination in awhile. #9 is Jake Roberts, arriving not a moment too soon. Jake goes after Martel, and we have the seeds planted for the infamous Blindfold Match at Wrestlemania VII.

Martel is on the apron and the referee starts counting him out. Always made sense to me to have count outs at the Royal Rumble, otherwise there’s no reason for guys to just hang out on the floor the whole time. #10 is Hercules, who was with the company for a long time without ever accomplishing much of note. #11 is Tito Santana. I will say the energy in the ring has been pretty good, guys are brawling rather than just laying on each other. As Tito enters the ring Roma misses a Crossbody and goes over the top.


#12 is Undertaker, still managed by Brother Love here. Taker immediately dumps Bret. #13 is Jimmy Snuka, he enters as Undertaker eliminates Butch. #14 is British Bulldog. Was really expecting Taker to throw out a lot more guys than he did, the ring is pretty full. #15 is Smash and we’re halfway home with almost nothing of note happening.


Martel manages to eliminate Jake. #16 is Hawk. Everyone in the ring immediately goes after him. No storyline explanation for that as far as I know. #17 is Shane Douglas. This was a short and uneventful run for him in the WWF. Taker eliminates Texas Tornado. Snuka got tossed too, didn’t see how it happened. May have been Hawk? #18 is…nobody. That was supposed to be Savage’s spot, but he took off after screwing Warrior in the title match. #19 is Animal. Him and Hawk double team and eliminate Undertaker. Hawk gets dumped from behind by Martel and Hercules.


Still a full ring. #20 is Crush, now the third man in Demolition. #21 is Jim Duggan, #22 is Earthquake, who throws out Animal. #23 is Mr. Perfect, the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Perfect eliminates Duggan. #24 is “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan and business finally picks up. Hogan immediately tosses Smash. Haku is #25. Hogan eliminates Valentine, who if you will remember entered at #3 and did absolutely nothing while being in the match for 45 minutes. #26 is Jim Neidhart. This is where the dread sets in as you realize there are no other stars yet to enter the match.


Earthquake eliminates Tito. #27 is Bushwhacker Luke, who marches in, gets tossed by Earthquake, and marches right back up the aisle. Three seconds in the match. That record lasted for awhile, I think Santino broke it at some point. #28 is Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys. He does manage to eliminate Hercules, but that doesn’t justify his presence in the match. #29 is The Warlord, who looks bland with a shaved head and no face paint. Hogan dumps Crush. He follows up by Clotheslining Warlord over the top.


#30 is Tugboat. Alrighty, there’s eight guys in the ring for the finish here. None of them other than Hogan feels like a legitimate threat to win. Hogan eliminates Tugboat. That was quick. Perfect gets Dropkicked out by Bulldog. Martel sneaks up behind Bulldog and dumps him. Martel has been in the match forever, he entered #6. Bulldog ducks under Haku, who tumbles over the top rope. Martel goes to the top, gets crotched, and then shoved to the floor. Martel is gone after a record-setting 53 minutes.


Final four is Hogan, Earthquake, Bulldog…and Knobbs. Knobbs and Earthquake team up to eliminate Bulldog, then they work over Hogan. Earthquake hits the Sitdown Splash but Hogan no-sells it. He eliminates Knobbs, then sends Earthquake packing to win his second consecutive Royal Rumble.

Rating: **¾. One of the weaker entries. Almost no star power. Few memorable spots. Obvious winner. Martel lasting forever was notable, but he didn’t do all that much during it. Same thing with Valentine being in there for 45 minutes.

The Aftermath

Hogan would go to Wrestlemania and defeat Sgt. Slaughter to win the WWF Championship. On the undercard Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage would face off in a Retirement Match, with Warrior defeating Savage. Spoiler alert: Savage is in the Rumble next year.


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