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The Law Reviews: WWE Battleground 2016


It’s been 34 days since the last WWE pay-per-view, but it feels like a year. Reflect on all that’s happened since Money in the Bank:

  • The Roman Reigns suspension.
  • The announcement of Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton for Summerslam.
  • UFC 200 and Lesnar’s victory over Mark Hunt.
  • The announcement of Lesnar’s failed drug test.
  • The reveal of Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley as general managers of Raw and Smackdown.
  • The draft.

Got all that? It’s been a busy month. And now we have what is sort of a lame duck pay-per-view where it’s clear most of the rivalries are being wrapped up because guys are being split up by the draft. We’ll see how it goes… Continue reading

Defrost Previews…G1 Climax 26 Block B

block b 1

block b 2.png

And now our look at the other half of the bracket of this year’s G1 Climax

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Cewsh Redrafts The 2016 WWE Draft



So last night, as you may be aware, this whole draft thing went down. Stephanie and Shane McMahon took a big knife and split the WWE cake into two separate pieces so they wouldn’t have to share any with each other, and now we once again are presented with a chaotic and fascinating brand split, which will send shock waves through the months and years to come. If you were like me, you eagerly tuned in to see who would go where, and just how Smackdown would manage to pull off a draft that would get them back in the game and make them a viable competitor to the unstoppable megalith that is Raw. And then, if you are also like me, you kept right on waiting.

It’s not that the draft they did was baaaaaad, per say. It’s just that it lacked a certain clarity of vision. Smackdown got a bunch of people and Raw got a bunch of people, and at the end of it, I was left with the impression that an opportunity was missed to really make a go of this thing. So I hoisted myself off the couch, dislodged the cap who was peacefully sleeping on my face, and dusted off the old keyboard to give this thing a genuine go. Indeed, to take my rightful place as THE DRAFT CZAR.


Got My Bowling Ball With The Cross, Got My Pokey Stick. READY.

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Defrost Previews…G1 Climax 26 Block A



Hey guys been a while. I think I said that last time too. I am very unreliable. Sorry about that. Anyway

The greatest tournament in Professional Wrestling is a mere few hours away when A block action gets underway from Sapporo, Japan. With all the upheaval earlier this year with the WWE raid of New Japan this year’s lineup looks very different than that of the last couple of years. NOAH involvement and several new comers are highlights. Let’s now take a look at the wrestlers in the A block and their chances to advance to the final.

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The Law Reviews: WWE Cruiserweight Classic


I’ve been waiting for this ever since they announced it. I’ve been agitating for a while that WWE should bring back the Cruiserweight division. And this is exactly the kind of thing WWE can do now that they have no real competition and 24 hours of time to fill on their channel every single day.

And the way they’ve presented this show far has only made me more excited. It’s the freshest thing I’ve seen in wrestling: presenting professional wrestling as a sport. Talking about styles and how they work against each other. Acknowledging that there’s an entire world of wrestling outside of WWE. It’s the realest, coolest thing WWE has done in years. Continue reading