Breaking News: Samoa Joe Wins NXT Championship


In a delightfully old-school booking move, Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor at an NXT live event in Lowell, Massachusetts tonight to become the new NXT Champion.

It’s surprising that Joe won the title at a house show rather than TakeOver in Dallas, which naturally will raise speculation that Balor is being called up. Possibly as part of a main-roster Bullet Club reunion? We’ll see. But what we know for now is that Finn Balor’s record-breaking 292 day reign as NXT Champion is over.

I think Joe is a perfect NXT Champion. Monster heel, easy to build sympathy for babyface challengers, not somebody who is a great fit for a spot on the main roster at the moment. Joe vs. Nakamura is going to be a hell of a fight down the line for the NXT Championship. Even as they lose talent, NXT remains more interesting than the main roster.

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