Breaking News: Shane McMahon Returns on WWE Raw

Shane McMahon made his return to TV on Raw, his first WWE appearance since 2010.

And somehow, that wasn’t the most shocking development. The real shocker was the announcement that Shane would be facing Undertaker. At Wrestlemania. In a Hell in a Cell match. With control of WWE on the line.

Well, that’s one way to shake things up.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Shane McMahon Returns on WWE Raw

  1. Cewsh says:

    I don’t know, man. I think Shane may actually die to make this a workable match.


  2. I’m not 100% convinced this exact match will happen. Shane hasn’t been in a ring for how many years now ? I don’t think putting him in a cage w/ the Undertaker is really ‘Wrestlemania’ material. It could definitely be a RAW match or perhaps a smaller PPV but not the biggest show of the year. Rumour has it that Cena is being thought of to face the Undertaker but he may not be healthy in time. I’m guessing that if he is, he’ll come out on RAW and offer to take the match and wrestle in Shane’s place.


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