Cewshcast Episode 59 – The State of Wrestling Address

Welcome back, cats and kittens, and herald the mighty return of your Cewshcast! After months of the Cewshcast crew sitting around, growing awesome beards and staring off into the distance thinking of past glories, we have been assembled once again to talk about professional wrestling, and there’s no better time. Between the Road to Wrestlemania, the path away from Wrestle Kingdom, and the vertical plummet of TNA, there’s so much to talk about that we had to go through every promotion one by one to cover it all. Who do we see as the future of New Japan? What NXT concept is giving us mighty erections? And what is TNA doing that we actually had nice things to say about?

All that, plus our thoughts on Axel Rotten’s passing and a fantasy wrestling draft to settle a year old score. Your Cewshcast is back, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s do this.

(Due to some technical difficulties, the show is currently only available on Youtube, but we will be returning to iTunes and Stitcher as soon as possible.)

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