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Nitro 2/22/99 (Arco Arena)
Goldberg vs Scott Steiner

Nitro 7/18/00 (The Palace of Auburn Hills)
Special Referee: The Cat
Goldberg vs Scott Steiner

Fall Brawl 2000 (Marine Midland Arena)
Goldberg vs Scott Steiner


Basically this was just an excuse to watch the Fall Brawl match. Going into this I thought the other two matches to be too short to be interesting. I was wrong. First of all we get a Scott Steiner promo at the outset and those are always an adventure. I was reminded as to how annoying Mark Madden was. There seemed to be a show long build for their Tuesday Nitro match. I didn’t research why Nitro was preempted my first guess would have been the NBA, but the Finals end in June and this match took place in July. Anyway Scott Steiner is a crazy man and tries to murder Goldberg with a pipe. Both guys beat the hell out of security. Steiner is raving like a wild man or just like Steiner. Goldberg is shown stoic backstage. I expected far less out of WCW in this time period of getting me actually interested in matches through storylines. Now they do eventually blow it on the second match by making The Cat the special referee who is in some kinda plot with then WCW World Champ Booker T, but it was WCW in 2000 we have to grade on a curve here.


What I was most surprised about in those first two matches was how evident the chemistry between Steiner and Goldberg was. One of the first things I thought of when watching those matches was Wrestlemania XX. In a perfect world where Goldberg and Brock had a great match to the delight of the fans in the Garden it would have looked almost exactly like a Goldberg vs Scott Steiner match from the waning years of WCW. The matches consist of hard strikes, big power moves, and suplexes. That’s it. Like Godzilla and Rodan just two monsters smashing into each other. Now as we’ve seen in the past that can be a recipe for disaster. I think what sets these two apart is that sometimes people have surprising chemistry and that is that is a factor here, at this point in time Goldberg was a great athlete and Steiner still had some of that left in him, and both men were genuinely freakishly strong so they could do some cool looking stuff. I mean look at Big Show and Kane. They are monsters but they lumber into each other. They are big not strong. Goldberg and Steiner were strong. Those are the factors I see in favor of this matchup.


Now for main event. The match is super fun. Then Vince Russo shows up. Which describes a lot of things in the last 20 years of wrestling history doesn’t it? Between him and Steiner’s freak the match gets bogged down really bad. The saving grace oddly enough is how awesome Goldberg is at making babyface comebacks. For someone who never had to sell that was really intriguing. Makes me really want to rewatch his match with DDP that everyone rates as his best match because if I remember correctly that was the match where he was asked to do any prolonged selling for the first time. Also it reminds me of all of the criticism of how much he was asked to sell in WWE. This goes to show how a little of something can go a long way. When you have a destructive force brought down it means something. When you have someone who is always brought down it means nothing. It makes you just another guy. When you are something unique something special and a new side of you is brought out it is beautiful. Vince and Hunter never understood that with Goldberg. Still Goldberg got the better end of the WWE deal than Scott Steiner did. And he never had to work TNA. So Goldberg wins in the end.

Results and Ratings

Nitro 2/22/99
Goldberg defeated Scott Steiner at 7:30 via DQ when Buff Bagwell attacked the referee (Star Rating: **1/4)

Nitro 7/18/00
Goldberg fought Scott Steiner to a no contest at 5:17 (Star Rating: **)

Fall Brawl 2000
Scott Steiner defeated Goldberg at 13:51 via Knock Out with the Steiner Recliner (Star Rating ***)

Average Rating: **1/2

Back in the saddle. My sadness has held me back from the next review. But it is time. Next Time: Wrestle Kingdom 10.

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