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Cewsh: So, that KUSHIDA is pretty nifty, huh? New Japan’s most prized Jr. Heavyweight star is one of the fastest rising stars in all of Japan, and is pretty much single handedly holding down the hallowed ground of Tiger Mask, Jushin Liger and countless others, not to mention tearing it up in Ring of Honor in front of a whole new audience. By the time he’s done, he’ll have an easy Hall of Fame resume, but while most people will remember his time with New Japan, few will remember that his rise to fame truly began in a little promotion called SMASH. And while it was little, and it didn’t last long, it came at a time when Japanese wrestling was at it’s weakest in decades and was a light in the darkness that brought energy back to a dormant Japanese wrestling landscape.

So today, let’s go back to our review of the very first show of this odd, odd promotion. To the dawn of KUSHIDA, the building of KANA’s greatest adversary, and the weirdness that was the Cult of Tajiri.


SMASH Proudly Presents…

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Saturday News Round Up

More on Shane McMahon’s Surprise Return

Shane McMahon’s return was apparently only finalized in the last few weeks after it became clear John Cena was not going to be able to wrestle Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year.

As of now, Shane is simply an on-air talent and is not working for the company in any other capacity. Before leaving to start his own business ventures, Shane was heavily involved in and other digital ventures. He was also a confidant to his father, especially in the late-90s.

Shane’s return got one of the biggest surprise pops in a long time. The ratings for the segment were tremendous and it blew up social media. There’s a lot of intrigue to this storyline, but I still find the choice of opponent curious. For me, the most interesting match would have been Triple H vs. Shane, because the story would mirror reality. Triple H has assumed the role in the company that Shane was supposed to have at this point, and now Shane is back to fight for it. Unfortunately, they had already committed to Triple H vs. Reigns and there wasn’t much way to get out of that plan.

Ratings Updates

Raw averaged 3.8 million viewers, with 4.2 million tuning in for the first hour. TNA’s Lockdown special did 210,000 viewers, a big drop from the previous week. Lucha Underground’s viewership fell to 99,000 for the first run, down from 152,000 the previous week.

Dada 5000 Health Update

Bellator fighter Dada 5000 suffered serious health complications following his debacle of a fight against Kimbo Slice last Friday. He reportedly suffered renal failure and severe hydration and remains hospitalized.

Unfortunately, this mess of a show that Bellator put on did a great rating with 2.5 million viewers, so we can expect more trainwrecks like it in the future. Extreme weight cutting is a serious issue in MMA and I hope to see it addressed. It’s not responsible to have guys cutting 20, 30, 40 pounds to make weight for a fight.

UR Fight Card Approved, Shamrock’s Status in Question

The Arizona State Athletic Commission has sanctioned the March 20th UR Fight Card, which is set to feature Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio, Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn, Roy Jones Jr. vs. a fan in a boxing match, and Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping. However, Shamrock may not be able to fight. He was knocked out by Royce Gracie at the Bellator show last weekend and will likely receive a 30 day medical suspension as a result.

WWE to Hold “Daniel Bryan Night” at Madison Square Garden March 25th

Daniel Bryan will be honored at the March 25th Madison Square Garden house show. The card will also feature: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus, Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles, Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio, and Big Show vs. Bray Wyatt. Wish this one was airing on the network.

Cewshcast Ep. 60 – We Hate DDT

The Cewshcast Crew continues the journey back on track as they do their first set of predictions since the big return! They give brief opinions on the Fastlane card while also bidding an early farewell to the king of Bad News, Wade Barrett. How about the new Global Cruiserweight Series that has everyone buzzing? All this plus the results of Fantasy Warfare, and the return of fan questions!

The Law Reviews: WWE Fastlane 2016


One month from Wrestlemania, and who knows where we’re going? Roman Reigns vs. Triple H seems like a lock as the main event. Other than that…your guess is as good as mine. Maybe Cena’s coming back. Maybe someone is returning to fight Undertaker. It’s supposed to be the biggest Wrestlemania ever, and almost nothing is set for it a month out. Maybe we’ll get some answers tonight. Or maybe we’ll get the usual muddle. We’ll find out together. Continue reading

Defrost Reviews…Bryan Danielson vs KENTA



Bryan Danielson’s wrestling career has come to an end. His career being that of one of the greatest in ring workers of all time. The fact that his amazing wrestling ability is not the first thing that comes to people’s mind as the standout attribute of his career is far more amazing than said ability. However, for the sake of format we’ll be sticking to matches and not how badly Vince McMahon squandered him until given no other choice by his rapidly dwindling customer base. Instead we will take a look at Bryan Danielson and the man who, in my opinion, was his greatest rival, KENTA.

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