The Law Reviews: Lucha Underground Returns


It’s back.

I don’t know if Lucha Underground is revolutionizing professional wrestling, but it damn sure is the most entertaining thing going right now. And the longer than expected break after season one has only added to the anticipation. Now to recap quickly, here’s where we are as of the end of the season one:

“And then we went to a montage: Cueto and Lotus packing up to run off together. Fenix taking off in a beautiful Sunfire. Texano rolling off in his pickup truck. Martinez holding Sexy Starr hostage. Son of Havoc, Angelcio, and Ivalese rolling out. Drago and Aerostar going their separate ways. Pentagon and Vampiro together. A question mark on the Lucha Underground flag, symbolizing the coming of Rey Mysterio. And Cueto, on the run but never defeated.”

We open with Vampiro (not Vampiro, Ian Hogdkinson) in a mental institution. He fronts that everything is okay, but it’s clear the demon inside him is on the verge of taking control. Striker picks him up from the place, which…is not so cool. Didn’t need to see The Teacher like that.

The Temple has changed. Gotten darker. Strap in, this is going to be interesting.

Catrina has taken over Cueto’s office. She is the new ruler of the Temple. Fenix wants his title shot, but she says first he has to defend the Gift of the Gods tonight against King Cuerno.

Gift of the Gods Championship: Fenix (c) vs. King Cuerno

Not messing around. Big title match right off the bat. Winner has the right to challenge the champion at a time of their choosing (with one week’s notice).

These guys brought it. Crisp, physical, intense, fast-paced. A perfect way to start the new season. Cuerno hit his signature, The Thrill of the Hunt, but couldn’t keep Fenix down for three. Fenix missed his Springboard 450 Splash and fell victim to an insane Tombstone Piledriver variation. Cuerno wins the Gift of the Gods.

Rating: ***. Hell of a way to start season two.

Catrina with Son of Havoc, Ivelise, and Angelico meet with Catrina. She informs them Mil wants them to fight each other tonight. And the winner gets a shot at Mil. Tonight.

Son of Havoc vs. Ivelise vs. Angelico

These three are the Trios Champions. Quick match here with Ivelise getting the surprise win by cradling Angelico.

Rating: *¼. Didn’t really have time to get going.

We come back with a vignette where three rubes are looking for The Temple. Lotus tells them to come with her.

Mil Muertes rises from his throne and makes his way to the ring. The Disciples of Death attack and carry away Angelico and Havoc. Evelise is all alone in there.

Lucha Underground Championship: Mil Muertes vs. Evilese

Mil has only been defeated once, by Fenix in Grave Consequences. Evilese gets pounded until she manages to lock Mil into an Armbar against the rope. She follows with a huge Tornado DDT for a close two count. Mil smashes her with a monster Powerslam and then hit the Flatliner for the pin.

Rating: **. Quick match, but damn entertaining for the little bit that it lasted.

Catrina enters the ring to deliver the Kiss of Death. Mil sets up for another Flatliner, but Prince Puma shows up and drops him with a Superkick. And then Pentagon Jr. hits the ring! He hits the Lung Blower and then sets up to break Mil’s arm. And he does! Holy shit. The champ is wounded. The challengers are rising. Cerro Miedo.

Post-credits scene: Lotus brings the rubes into a warehouse to meet Cueto. He promises them violence. He opens the door. One guy asks who is fighting tonight. Cueto’s response: “you are.” They’ve been fed (literally) to Matanza.

Overall: Strong return. Loved the vignettes, the matches were solid, they set up some interesting storylines. No Johnny Mundo tonight, no sign of Rey Mysterio yet. Big things on the horizon for LU this year.

Grade: A-

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