Breaking News: John Cena Undergoes Shoulder Surgery


Only two weeks after making his return to WWE, John Cena is gone again. This time he has suffered a shoulder injury requiring surgery. Reports indicate it is a torn rotator cuff, which has an expected recovery time of 6-9 months.

John Cena heals remarkably fast, but it’s impossible to imagine him being back for Wrestlemania if he has a torn rotator cuff. This obviously means Wrestlemania’s plans are being redrawn. My expectation (and basically everyone else’s) was that Cena would face Undertaker in the main event of the show.

Where does that leave the card? Completely up in the air. Who does Taker face? No one really jumps out at me. He’s done with Lesnar. Triple H wouldn’t really make sense as an opponent. Not clear if Rock is actually going to wrestle on the show or not. Best thing at this point would probably be to put Taker against a rising star and have the young guy go over. Bray Wyatt? Reigns?

After a 2015 that was marked by an absurd number of injuries, 2016 isn’t off to any better of a start.


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