Breaking News: Seth Rollins Injured, Forfeits WWE Championship

WWE World Heavyweight Champion suffered a serious knee injury during a match at a house show in Ireland. The injury will reportedly keep Rollins out for 6-9 months, suggesting a torn knee ligament. As a result, Rollins will forfeit the WWE Championship and a tournament will be held at Survivor Series to determine a new champion.

The Law: Tough break for Seth and WWE. Roster is thin already (especially with John Cena taking time off and Randy Orton hurt) and losing the top heel isn’t going to help.
That said, this has me instantly more interested in WWE’s product. I always love watching bookers scramble. Suddenly, anything is possible. There’s no obvious successor to Rollins as champ. Roman Reigns seems the most likely, but he’s nowhere near an overwhelming favorite.
My preferred scenario would probably be Reigns winning by aligning himself with The Authority. He goes over Dean Ambrose in the final, betraying his brother. And we have a hot championship chase for Wrestlemania set.
 Whatever happens, Survivor Series just got a lot more interesting.

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One thought on “Breaking News: Seth Rollins Injured, Forfeits WWE Championship

  1. This would be a perfect time to call up Finn Balor and Samoa Joe (even for a brief period of time) because they already have a fairly decent fan base. I don’t think either should be champ just yet but it would make things interesting.


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