Kenta Kobashi And The Reign Of Excellence


Kenta Kobashi is the greatest professional wrestler who ever lived.

Do I have your attention?

How about if I told you that the man who might well be the greatest babyface ever to draw breath once held a World Championship for 2 straight years, and that that reign is considered by people smarter even than me to be the greatest accomplishment involving gold since 4 old ladies decided to live together and keep it real? What follows here is a chronicle, a review, and an accounting of this reign, and not only what it accomplished, but what it meant to the history of Japanese wrestling as a whole. And if you’re the type who immediately dismisses anything that happens in a ring on the other side of whatever ocean or landmass Japan is from where you are, just this once let that wall down and let the incredible battles, triumphs and sacrifices of the man who wields the Burning Hammer wash over you. DDT and Defrost will be your tour guides through the strange and exhilarating world the awaits you, and will tell you everything from the years and years of backstory leading through the matches, to the very specific reason why the way the reign ended may have been the death knell for Pro Wrestling NOAH, even years before the cracks began to show.

So ice your knees in sympathy and lariat the cat, because the greatest reign of Kenta Kobashi is coming. And the world it left behind was forever changed.

Cewsh Reviews: WWE Summerslam 2015


Welcome, cats and kittens, to yet another installment of the only reviews that will be enjoyed by your grandchildren by the time we get another review out, Cewsh Reviews! We have a special treat for you today as we take a step back to document one of the most interesting cards in recent memory, WWE Summerslam 2015. For this one night in the middle of the annual Summerslog, WWE decided to go all out and put on a mid year Wrestlemania style card. Brock/Taker, Rollins/Cena, Wyatts/Shield. The whole gang is here, and on paper what we’re looking at might just be the kind of party that you actually want to show up to, rather than the kind your mom forces you to go to because your parents work together and the kid isn’t popular because he’s way too into My Little Pony and you tell your mom that it can’t be a party if it’s just the two of you in the basement with pony dolls, but your mom isn’t listening because she’s already on her 4th mint julep and…

Ahem. What i’m trying to say is, without any further ado, let’s do a motherfucking review!