Defrost Reviews…Chris Jericho vs Triple H


The quest continues. The quest for the great matches Chris Jericho had with someone not named Shawn Michaels. Do these matches bear fruit in this quest? Spoiler, no.

Side note the tag match between HHH and Austin against Jericho and Benoit is probably the best match in the history of Monday Night Raw. However, I refuse to watch Chris Benoit matches for obvious reasons.

Fully Loaded 2000 (Reunion Arena)
Last Man Standing Match
Triple H(w/Stephanie McMahon Helmsley) vs Chris Jericho

Wrestlemania X-8 (Skydome)
Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Championship
Undisputed WWF Champion Chris Jericho(w/Stephanie McMahon) vs Triple H

Judgment Day 2002 (Gaylord Entertainment Center)
Hell in a Cell
Triple H vs Chris Jericho


The Last Man Standing Match is the biggest joke of a wrestling match I have ever seen. Right off the bat I want to make it clear I blame this 100% on Triple H. He made Jericho look like such a weak little punk. Here is the layout of the match. Jericho gets a bit of offense in the first minute. Then there are 10 straight minutes of Triple H slowly beating Jericho down with one minor comeback about 6 minutes in. Ricky Steamboat would greatly disapprove. After a long sleeper hold Triple H just grabs Jericho and Pedigrees him. Now this is where I stopped watching the match in disgust. I am sure the reason this match is remembered fondly is some kinda hot finish, but let’s recap what happened up to the point. Triple laid in a one sided 10 minute beating and then hit his move. If this were not a Last Man Standing match Triple H would have won this in the most ridiculous one sided squash match of all time. Get what he did there? Then after proving how much better he was  than Jericho he was he kindly gave Jericho a little bit afterward, and then won the match anyway. It’s kinda like how his buddies Nash and Hall in WCW would take like 99% of a match and then slip on a banana peel to lose to like Rey Mysterio Jr and then claim they had no problem putting guys over. Just dreadful and the worst match I have watched for one of these reviews.


And now the next two matches. Matches where Jericho is a complete pussy heel and Hunter has morphed into HUNTOR THE ALL POWERFUL KING OF WRESTLING. So these should go well. Shocked that HHH allowed the champion to hit the ring second at Wrestlemania X-8 by the way. The crime this match commits is not so much being bad as it is being uninteresting. The perfect description of the X-8 match is blah. It sorta reminds me of the match Jericho had with Austin the month before. That match wasn’t bad. As a matter of fact it was much better than this match. However, there was a lot of disappointment over it. Like it was just there. That’s what this was like, but many times more severe. The crowd reaction suffers because of that. Well that and the storyline leading up to it. I do no want to hear that the reason was Rock vs Hogan. If you have the right guys, with the right storyline, and the right match anything can be followed. Wrestle Kingdom 9 proves this without a shadow of a doubt.


I forgot how slow HHH matches were in 2002. When he came back from the quad tear and was gigantic he couldn’t move around the ring at all. These two 2002 matches look like they’re being wrestled in quicksand. Comparing the two 2002 matches the Cell match is much better. The gimmick obviously helps. As does the fact that Jericho gets about as much offense in that much as he does in the other two reviewed matches combined. Including throwing a ladder at HHH which got a chuckle from me. And HHH threw the steps at Jericho. I like this Cell match. Feels like two guys who don’t like each other trying to hurt each other. Oh I forgot this was the match where Tim White got hurt. Jesus that was hardest bump in the match. Jericho gets a visible pinfall afterward. Chris Jericho is made to look so much better in this match than the other two it is ridiculous. If anything this should have been the Last Man Standing match and Hunter should have killed him here. No issues with a babyface running through a heel in the blow off. The finish is random. When was Hell in a Cell falls count anywhere? What sense would that make anyway? The point of the Cell is that you can’t go anywhere. In theory anyway. So why would it be fall count anywhere? Love the hate and wanting to hurt each other in this one. By far the best of these three matches.
Results and Ratings

Fully Loaded 2000
Triple H defeated Chris Jericho at 23:13 (Star Rating: -*****)

Wrestlemania X-8
Triple H defeated Undisputed WWF Champion Chris Jericho via pinfall at 18:40 with the Pedigree. Triple H won the Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Championship (Star Rating: **)

Judgment Day 2002
Triple H defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall at 24:29 with the Pedigree on top of the Cell (Star Rating: ****)

Average Rating: 1/4*

Well the quest has produced the most angry inducing wrestling match I have ever seen. So that’s something. I guess. Not really. Anyway maybe the problem is the country. Maybe if we get out of America something good will spring to life. With that in mind it is off to Japan. Next Time: Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon.

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4 thoughts on “Defrost Reviews…Chris Jericho vs Triple H

  1. William howlett says:

    Wow lost a lot of respect, all this was is you bashing triple h cuz you hate triple we get it, now I know not look at defrost when I want an unbiased review about wrestlers, the Chris ben(Stevie Richards) thing I get but wow, shoulda just changed the theme from triple h vs Jericho to I Hate Triple H cuz he’s evil! I’m sure your fanbase will trust you now


  2. defrostlives says:

    I can guarantee you Rey Jr, and Malenko is very very likely.


  3. giocollects says:

    Your quest better not end without Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko.


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