Breaking News: Sting Reportedly Suffers Serious Neck Injury

Welcome to a new feature here at Cewsh Reviews we’ve creatively titled “Breaking News.” Basically, when something big happens in wrestling we’re going to report it and do a little commentary on it. Isn’t that exciting?

In this case, Dave Meltzer reported earlier today that Sting suffered a serious neck injury at Night of Champions last night and his career may be over. According to Meltzer the injury occurred during the second turnbuckle Powerbomb towards the end of the match. We all saw Sting collapse while running the ropes and at the time it appeared to be a legitimate injury, though I don’t think anyone thought it was this severe.


With Sting being 56 years old a neck injury of any severity would put his future into question. There had been speculation that his retirement match would be at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas this year, and that is obviously now in question.

Cewsh: Sting being hurt is a big deal for a number of reasons. Obviously it impacts wherever they were going storyline wise, but even more importantly it may impact how they use older performers in the future. In recent years, they’ve really continued to rely on wrestlers that are approaching or entering their 50s. You can see with how they’ve used them that they think that it’ll be okay so long as they’re used sparingly, and in some cases that has proven to be true, but I think there comes a point where you can only protect a near 60 year old man so much from this kind of pounding and this incident may spread out and affect how they view part timers in general. It’s not they safety net they’ve been using it as.

As far as the direction from here, I don’t think there was much of a future for Sting in WWE anyway. He can’t really wrestle anymore, his character very much limits the way he can be part of feuds, and he’s really not a great promo. It’s Bret Hart’s return all over again. And like Bret Hart, I expect that Sting will enjoy a nice nostalgia kick and then fuck off contentedly into wrestling’s past.

Defrost: My reaction is mostly that it’s sad. He looked in amazing shape for a 56 year old and worked super hard. The only real hot take I can give is that I hope this doesn’t lead WWE to banning more moves. Not sure where I stand on the age thing. Knee jerk is to be against ageism, but for instance keeping Hogan out of the ring despite what he wanted was totally for the best in regard to his physical well being.

The Law: Injuries happen in wrestling, and they’re especially going to happen to guys who are in their 50s. Sting is an amazing athlete and in fantastic shape for a guy his age, but he’s still 56 and has decades of wear on his body. It doesn’t seem like there was much of a long-term plan for him anyway, so I doubt this is a huge problem for WWE. But it does illustrate the problem of relying on aging talent and not being able to create new stars. WWE depends on John Cena, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar to draw. Cena and Lesnar are in their mid-30s, Taker is into his 50s. If those guys got hurt, who is going to draw the house for Wrestlemania, or anywhere else?

This is why I complain so much about old talent going over young talent, and young talent not getting pushes. Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, and Rusev are all ready for the big time. They’re all young and have years left ahead of them. So why isn’t one of them going to face Seth Rollins at Night of Champions instead of Kane? WWE is just too insistent on using the same guys they’ve had for years now at the expense of newer, younger, fresher talent.

No complaints that Sting got the spot at Night of Champions, but the reason they needed him was because they aren’t doing a good job of making new stars.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Sting Reportedly Suffers Serious Neck Injury

  1. the law says:

    I think it makes total sense to use a legend to put over their new top heel. I also take issue with Rollins losing to Cena on Raw, as it just didn’t accomplish anything other than to remind everyone that Rollins is a weak champion. But Rollins going over Sting was absolutely the right call.

    I still hate Sting losing to Triple H. I think it was either designed to boost Triple H for a match against Rock (which doesn’t seem likely to happen) or that Kevin Dunn just got in Vince’s ear about having a WCW guy beat a WWF/E guy. Or alternatively they got so into the Monday Night War part of the match that they decided the WWE had to win again. Regardless, that was dumb booking.

    I would want Sting to lose his last match too, assuming it was against someone like Bray Wyatt or another young star. I think a problem with WWE booking in recent years is that they keep having their part-timers/legends beat the full-time guys. Taker and Cena going over Wyatt, Punk losing to Rock, Brock, and Taker. At some point those guys aren’t going to be around anymore and they’re going to need some new guys to carry the company. It’s time to start putting those guys over as top stars.


  2. Out of the 2 matches they gave Sting, they had him lose both. It’s just odd that they keep building up his “legendary” status but yet use him to put over Seth Rollins who just got beat minutes before by John Cena. I’m just wondering if it’s a shoot by WWE to keep stringing the “WCW icon” along, only to have him lose against every WWE guy they put him up against.

    Sadly, I guess we may never find out if they would have eventually let him win his last match before retiring because if his neck is as bad as suspected, his match against Rollinsa WAS his last one.


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