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Defrost Reviews…Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon


The quest continues. Who did Chris Jericho consistently have great matches with besides Shawn Michaels. Kurt Angle failed. Eddie Guerrero came a bit closer. Hunter is just infuriating. So now we take leave of the WWF and take a look at Japan. Can a trip across the Pacific bring the quest to an end? Continue reading

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The Law Reviews: Night of Champions 2015


Night of Champions is WWE’s old school pay-per-view, so it makes sense that it would be headlined by a returning legend. Sting showed up out of nowhere on Raw the night after Summerslam, and for flimsy reasons was given a shot at the WWE Championship. Didn’t make much sense, but seeing Sting fight for the WWE Championship is cool enough that I won’t really complain.

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Defrost Reviews…Chris Jericho vs Triple H


The quest continues. The quest for the great matches Chris Jericho had with someone not named Shawn Michaels. Do these matches bear fruit in this quest? Spoiler, no.

Side note the tag match between HHH and Austin against Jericho and Benoit is probably the best match in the history of Monday Night Raw. However, I refuse to watch Chris Benoit matches for obvious reasons.

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Breaking News: Sting Reportedly Suffers Serious Neck Injury

Welcome to a new feature here at Cewsh Reviews we’ve creatively titled “Breaking News.” Basically, when something big happens in wrestling we’re going to report it and do a little commentary on it. Isn’t that exciting?

In this case, Dave Meltzer reported earlier today that Sting suffered a serious neck injury at Night of Champions last night and his career may be over. According to Meltzer the injury occurred during the second turnbuckle Powerbomb towards the end of the match. We all saw Sting collapse while running the ropes and at the time it appeared to be a legitimate injury, though I don’t think anyone thought it was this severe.


With Sting being 56 years old a neck injury of any severity would put his future into question. There had been speculation that his retirement match would be at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas this year, and that is obviously now in question.

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Defrost Reviews…Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero


I promised a twofer after this weeks special review. Here I am to rock you like a hurricane, and get the schedule back on track. I do have one question though.If the 16th Wrestlemania was called Wrestlemania 2000 what are they gonna do 1,969 years from now?

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