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The Law Reviews: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn


NXT’s growth has been so rapid that I don’t think we take enough time to stop and reflect on what an amazing accomplishment it is. Five years ago WWE’s developmental system was a mess. The post-OVW era had been a disaster as WWE wasted huge amounts of money and got almost no roster-ready talent in exchange for it. Someone at WWE finally had the brains to realize they needed to formalize and professionalize their developmental system. Continue reading

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Defrost Reviews….Women of the WWF

What is going on in wrestling right now that would make for perfect clickbate reading material? Ah, yes NXT! Okay then what about NXT? What is everyone talking about? Eureka! The women. There is a revolution going on I hear. Couldn’t tell from watching Summerslam or Raw. Now call me a cynic but it ain’t much of a revolution if you’re still called a diva. And the old regime is taking credit for your work. And the fans do the wave and chant, “We Are Awesome!” during your matches. Well it could be worse. The woman in charge could make herself champion for thirty years, blackball anyone that might be a threat to her, and force her wrestlers into prostitution. Now there’s just whining on twitter. Who says wrestling isn’t progressive these days?

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