Cewsh Scouts New Japan 2015

Welcome, cats and kittens, to a new installment of what is by far our most popular series, Cewsh Scouts! This time around we are taking a look at the New Japan roster as they stand on the precipice of a US invasion. For those of you who watch and love New Japan these reports will serve mainly to cause arguments about how I view them, but for those of you getting ready to watch your first ever Japanese PPV, this handy primer will let you know who all the big players are in the first company that has had the potential to challenge WWE since the fall of Rome.

Captain New Japan Scoffs At Pitiful Captain America.

If you’re new to our scouting reports, here’s how it works. I’ll take the most important people in the promotion, list out some pros and cons, and then give them a letter grade that sums up their skills. Now, this is a little different from the NXT Scouting Reports where we’re mostly grading potential as a main roster star. Here, we’re grading fully established stars based on what they bring to the table. So if your favorite Japanese star gets the same grade that Bo Dallas got in 2013, just remember that the criteria is different. And also that we were totally right about Bo Dallas.

Make sense? Well alright then. What do you say we run some of the best wrestlers in the world through the Cewsh Reviews combine?