The 2014 CRL 100

Welcome, one and all, to part one of the unveiling of the most important list of wrestlers you’ll read all year, the 2014 CRL 100! To those of you who are new to the project this year, the idea of the CRL 100 is very simple: determine the 100 wrestlers who accomplished the most, (in terms of both quality of performance and achievement in general,) and then rank them accordingly. If this sounds like an incredibly difficult and exhaustive process, that’s because it is. All year long, we here at Cewsh Reviews make a point to seek out the best of every wrestling promotion in the world so we have a strong idea of who the top dogs are, and hours and hours were spent nitpicking ranking choices and trying to figure out if Rusev reeeeeeeally deserved to be ahead of ECIII. The result of all that hard work is a list of the best of the best, and something that we will proudly hold up next to any other rankings list that may be more popular but has no credibility whatsoever. You know, if something like that exists. In a magazine perhaps.

It’s a big undertaking, but luckily this year I had help, as my Cewshcast compadres, Artie and Julius, joined me in making this list up. So as you read the first 50 members of this esteemed list, just remember: they’re just as much to blame as I am.