Cewsh Scouts NXT 2014

Welcome back to the Cewsh Institute for Careful Observation and Contextual Knowledge. We here at COCK have made it our goal to offer detailed scouting reports on the best in brightest in WWE’s development program for the past two years, and with the internet abuzz with rumors of some imminent callups to the big leagues, it seems to be the perfect time to don our lab coats and enter the data mines once again in order to tell you everything you need to know about these talented, (and in some cases not so talented,) men and women before they come crashing through your television set to attack John Cena with a frying pan.

Hey, Man. Frying Pans Are Dangerous.

So what follows here is a detailed breakdown of the most significant figures in NXT currently, by myself, and my comrade in science, Artie. We’ll list out their strengths and weaknesses, and assign our grades for each prospective superstar based on how much potential they have, along with a firm statement on whether or not we think they are ready to be called up to the main roster. Make sense? Alright then, let’s get out our graphing calculators, try to figure out what these slide rules are for, and get right into the breakdown!