Cewsh Scouts NXT 2012

Welcome, cats and kittens, to a very special installment of our Sunday Supplements. See, where we’d usually go in for a list, or a detailed breakdown of some great feud, or just make fun of people’s clothes, today we’re here to provide a public service. Of all the things that we’ve ever been asked to do since we started Cewsh Reviews, easily the most often requested is that we shed some light on the men and women currently in development for WWE. It’s long been an interest of mine to keep an eye on the people coming up through the system, but most people don’t have the time or inclination to watch those shows and see what the future may hold for themselves.

“Like I Have Time For That. There’s A Law And Order Marathon On.”
So tonight, my scouting partner Psycho and I will be giving you a guided tour through the mysterious world of tomorrow, and we’ll be grading the prospects with letters, like schoolteachers, that are based on their current value as potential stars. Hell, I’ll even throw in a pros and cons list and a definitive answer on whether or not they’re ready for the main roster. So put on your moon boots, and settle in, because tonight, for the first time, we’re taking a magnifying glass to the denizens of NXT.

Seth Rollins (NXT Champion)

– Smooth and energetic in the ring
– Internet name recognition
– Very carryable
– Promos need extensive work
– Slam dancing gimmick is not going to translate on larger stage

– Needs a definitive finisher suitable for the main roster

Cewsh: There are many criticisms that people have leveled at Rollins over the years. That he’s a skinny rip off of CM Punk, that he got the world handed to him in ROH, that he’s a spot monkey with no personality, and plenty more. And while all of those things either are, or have been, true to some extent, it can’t be argued that he’s improved quite a bit in his time in developmental. His match are firey and fast paced, and he has a certain charm that is halfway between Jeff Hardy and CM Punk that I think casual fans may pick up on. He still has a lot of flaws as a performer, (seriously, those promos need serious work,) but he’s grown about as much as he can in development and is ready for a modest midcard run to get his feet wet.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeB

Ready For Main RosterYes

Psycho: Potentially the most controversial subject in this report, Seth Rollins is a mixed bag. I had seen nearly none of his work on the independent scene, but I quickly saw and agreed with his many haters. However, he has undoubtedly improved since his entry, and while he may not be the favorable option as NXT Champion, he does have a lot of energy that a lot of the crowd seems to click with. Strong execution of moves with a lack in psychology and an odd moveset, but when with the right opponents, he can put on a good show. Just don’t ask him to talk very much, because you’ll be annoyed 5 seconds in. Honestly, though…I’m not sure how far he can go past midcarder in the WWE.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: C+

Michael McGillicutty
– Seems to be a leader in the ring
– Excellent execution on moves
– Promos improving
– Pedestrian look
– May struggle to stand out
– Worst name in wrestling history
Cewsh: He’s come a long way from his embarrassing promos on his NXT season, and that much is clear just by watching him. He’s become one of the top in ring performers in developmental, and has begun to develop a personality that will serve him well throughout his career, but the trouble with McGillicutty isn’t that he doesn’t have talent, it’s that he’ll have to compete with who is already on the main roster. And if you take the current Michael McGillicutty and put him near guys like Cody Rhodes and the Miz, he will disappear.
Cewsh’s Prospect GradeC+Ready For Main Roster: No

Psycho: One year ago, I would have laughed in your face if you told me Michael McGuillicutty was a hot talent. Let us not forget he was given a shot to be a part of NEXUS and was eventually relegated back to Superstars and NXT. Apparently, McGuillicutty took this as a chance to light a fire under his ass, and he’s become something different. His promos could improve, but he’s actually attempting personality, and for once, the crowd seems to give a damn about him. His reserved, calculating, methodical, and often violent style is rather old-school, and if you can not fathom this idea…go watch his matches with Tyson Kidd, and tell me he did not feel like the perfect opponent for that feud. Definitely on the rise, and may actually live up to the Hennig name in time.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: B

Leo Kruger
– Terrific look
– Excellent command of his gimmick
– Tons of experience
– In ring style not visually interesting
– Already 33
– Accent is nonthreatening

Cewsh: Leo Kruger is from South Africa, and is currently working a “Big Game Hunter” gimmick that has main roster written all over it. His gimmick intensity is tremendous, his look is just right, and this act is bound for stardom without a question in my mind. The only thing stopping me from putting my stamp of approval on him is that he just recently really transitioned into his current gimmick and still needs some time to work out the kinks in his in ring style to make it just right. There may be something special here, but it needs more time to simmer.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeB

Ready For Main RosterAllllllllmost

Psycho: This is a man who has a full package(not that one, assholes). He can strike you with an emotion with one look, and he carries himself with such confidence. In the ring, he might be the most methodical, and he plays it to a tee. He can be vicious when he needs to be and easily turn things into a technical wear-down process. He is easy to hate, but even harder to not give money, because he looks like he knows how to manipulate a crowd. His new gimmick has an odd promo style, and there’s getting to be too many creepy, demented characters, but I am more than willing to see how this one pans out. He was a two-time FCW Champion for a reason, and if the WWE has any desire to push him, he’ll succeed to some extent.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: B

Bo Dallas
– Great firey energy
– Natural babyface
– Split his fucking kidney in half and bounced back
– Very small
– Did I mention he’s small?
– Seems to have peaked, in terms of potential
Cewsh: Bo Dallas is a second generation guy, and like most of those he seems to be ahead of the curve in terms of comfort in the ring. His matches, especially during his FCW Heavyweight title reign, were real show stealers, and that’s no surprise with how great he is at firing up in a match. He’s one of a rare breed of guys who just seems to naturally click as a good guy early in his career, and that’s an insanely rare and valuable commodity, but I worry that he’s plateaued in his development since his title reign. There’s something missing from the whole package to take it to the next level.
Cewsh’s Prospect GradeC+

Ready For Main RosterNo

Psycho: Dallas is a peculiar specimen. He has a great look, he seems passable on the mic, and his ring talents are present. He’s always trying to get the crowd engaged, which is important, and he’s always filled with a lot of fire. Yet…something’s missing. He feels fake. This newer, louder crowd seems disconnected from Bo, and has apparently turned on him a bit with last week’s “Bo’s A Diva” chant. I have to give respect to his selling efforts because he tries to make each move look devastating, but sometimes it’s too unbelievable, or he overdoes it when it wasn’t necessary. I think he’ll eventually make the main roster, but he won’t get far past that.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: C

Johnny Curtis
– Amazing in backstage segments
– …um…
– Above average scarf
– Below average look
– Below average matches
– Below average charisma
Cewsh: Look, I’m not trying to be mean to Mr. Curtis here, but sometimes you get a guy in developmental who just isn’t going to be going anywhere. That’s not some huge indictment of him or anything, it’s just that he’s competing against some incredible talents for a really exclusive job, and there’s nothing about him that says that he’s anywhere close to ready. I could see him as maybe serving some kind of managerial or authority role one day, because he’s a better actor than anyone else down here, but at this point his odds of making a name for himself seem slim to none.
Cewsh’s Prospect GradeC-

Ready For Main RosterNo

Psycho: Oh, yes, it’s time to get weird. Curtis is just enthralling to watch. When given the freedom to be the character he desires, he works magic. His “Weird” gimmick is what he needs to work that magic, because he is just unstoppable. He gets under people’s skin and he’s arrogant. The best part is he knows his way around the squared circle more than most of his locker mates. He was brought down erroneously, and he was given segments on Smackdown that were not nailing his personality on the head. You knew that potential was there, we just couldn’t see it. He’s shown it to us in abundance ever since NXT Season 5, and he was, and still is, consistently a reason to tune-in. He also has one of the best entrance themes.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: A-


– Drop dead gorgeous
– 20 years old and already a 6 year veteran

– Bleeds charisma
– Has a great connection with crowds
– Dynamic and smooth in the ring
– Immediately recognizable look
– Second generation wrestler
– Wrestled all over the world
– Is natural in promos

– N/A
Cewsh: Guys, seriously, this woman needs to be on television yesterday. No major wrestling company has ever gotten such a complete package in a female performer at such a young age. She could be the top heel in the Divas division for the next decade. At minimum.
Cewsh’s Prospect GradeA

Ready For Main RosterYES

Psycho: Since she stepped foot in FCW, Paige has proven her superiority among any other diva-in-training on the roster. No one who has been seen on NXT is touching Paige. In fact, it really feels like they are just biding time and allowing her to work with the less talented women so she can help them improve, waiting for there is room to let her run the WWE’s Diva division. She’s determined, skilled, and possibly the best woman to help this division since Kharma was released. She’ll be a future champion.

Psycho’s Prospect Summary: A

Audrey Marie

– Former gymnist
– Decent mat skills
– Shows solid ring awareness

– Has tendency to run the ropes like molasses
– Doesn’t have a ton of personality
– Can fade into the background
Cewsh: Audrey Marie came into the developmental program completely under the radar and with no real expectations to live up to. As a result, she’s had a few years to work on things and it absolutely shows. Of all the prospective Divas at the moment, she may be the most fundamentally sound, and seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time in matches, (which is the single biggest thing the past decade’s Divas struggled with,) leading to her matches being smooth and easy on the eyes. Couple that with a good look and you have someone who can contribute. She’s not going to headline the division in the next few years, but she seems like she’ll be more than capable of being a solid performer who can help to improve the quality of Divas matches one day.
Cewsh’s Prospect GradeC+

Ready For Main RosterNo

Psycho: On the flip side to Paige, there is arguably the worst female on the roster: Audrey Marie. This woman just can not catch a break with me, because every time I see her, I want to turn the show off. She’s good-looking, which helps her with the WWE, but she has the most teeth-grindingly irritating smile. I can not even explain what it is, but it drives me nuts. She’s occasionally sloppy, but more importantly, she never has an interesting match. She has to be one of the most boring performers on the whole roster, and I’m putting this nicely. She’ll be future-endeavored sooner than she’ll be a champion.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: F

Kassius Ohno

– Tremendously experienced
– Shows comfort in all aspects of wrestling, in and out of the ring
– Monumentally epic beard

– Still adapting to WWE style
– Gimmick lacks focus
– Is a better taped promo than a live one

Cewsh: Kassius Ohno, (previously Chris Hero to you indy fans,) has a lot going for him. He has a solid look, he has easy connections to two guys on the main roster, (Antonio Cesaro and CM Punk,) and he has a wealth of experience from wrestling in virtually every promotion on the planet over the past 10 years. All of that makes him very comfortable in the ring and on the mic, and he’s adapting quickly. But it’s important to understand that he’s not there yet, and he’s still trying to work the kinks out of a new in ring style and a new kind of character, just like CM Punk, Low Ki and Daniel Bryan had to. Ohno isn’t the talent those three are, but he’ll be a solid addition to the main roster in a year or so.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeB

Ready For Main RosterNo

Psycho: Ohno seemed like an awkward fit for WWE. His former partner, Antonio Cesaro, was a shoe-in, but could Ohno make himself known in this environment? After a rough start, Ohno seems to be growing comfortable with the WWE style, and as a result has really been putting in some awe-inspiring performances. His name-gimmick tie-in is a tad cheesy, but in the last few weeks of NXT he has really made it work with his barbaric tendencies and offense, and portrays him as an awkward, and unstable man…and the crowd eats it up. His ongoing feud with Steamboat is something to speak about, and will get both men quite over. I don’t see him floating around in development much longer.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: A-

Jake Carter

– Great look
– Solid fundamentals
– Second generation wrestler (VADER’S KID)

– Green

– Very green

Cewsh: I think you get the idea here. Carter is absolutely competent in every way you’d want him to be at this stage in his development. But he’s not anywhere near fully formed as a talent yet. He could turn out to be the next Randy Orton or the next Harry Smith. At this point it’s impossible to say.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeC

Ready For Main Roster: No

Psycho: Jake Carter has quite the name to live up to with his father being the legendary Vader. He exudes a charisma when he gets in front of a crowd, and he is big enough for WWE to consider him a star. He can never be the physical juggernaut that Vader was, but Vader’s success came from the fact that he understood his role in the ring and utilized strong psychology. Whether Carter carries this trait or not is what will put him ahead of the pack. From what I’ve seen…the tools to succeed run in the genes.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: C+

Richie Steamboat

– Polished in ring performer
– No ceiling to his potential in the ring
– Much improved as a character

– Has a TON to live up to by actually getting to use his father’s name
– Isn’t a great promo
– Richie? We’re going with Richie?

Cewsh: For the longest time Steamboat has been stuck with this label of being good in the ring but totally lost when called upon to be a character. So for a few years now Steamboat has worked hard, and slowly but steadily improved across the board. At this point he is the most ready of anyone in developmental in terms of in ring skills, and has come far enough as a promo and as a personality that I think he can only improve further by interacting with guys more talented than himself. The Son of the Dragon is finally ready to get his shot. Turn him loose.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeB

Ready For Main Roster: Yes

Psycho: When I first began checking out FCW, Steamboat was possibly the blandest person getting exposure. No personality, average wrestling talent, and only given the time because of his lineage. Sounds pretty familiar…where have I heard this before(Hint: It’s the person above Steamboat)? By the time I started watching regularly, he duking it out with Husky Harris in their feud over Aksana. Steamboat felt like he had effort behind his matches that had not been there before, but this did not become so apparent until he became the Jack Brisco 15 Champion, where he was turning out first-class match after first-class match. The mic skills are still non-existent, but he has carved a niche for himself as a fluid competitor who almost resembles a stoic warrior. Just like his daddy. If they nail his character and he learns to talk, he’ll be one of the next big stars of the WWE.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: B

Big E Langston

– Stunningly quick and agile
– Great connection with the crowd

– Still a bit green
– A little short for guys of his type
– Unclear how good he can be in an extended match

Cewsh: Get ready for a long entry, because this guy is something special.

There’s a feeling you get when you see certain guys where it just seems like they not only have charisma but have the ability to channel it into something that excites the crowd. It’s not something I see very often, but when I watched the September 26th episode of NXT, the first match I’d seen of Langston in months, he completely and utterly had it from the second he walked out of the curtain until he left. The crowd went absolutely nuts for his 5 count gimmick, chanting for it in the middle of the match, and it just worked tremendously well.

The majority of big muscular dudes don’t pan out because, even though they may try their best, they just never move with enough confidence and aggressiveness to convince you that they really are wrecking machines. A lot of big guys are like that because they’re usually afraid that they’ll hurt people since they’re so big all the time every day and it seeps in. Ezekiel Jackson had that issue, Bobby Lashley had that issue and overcame it towards the end, and Tensai has it big time in WWE, (likely afraid to hurt main event guys by being too stiff.) But Langston just looks great and convincing in the role. He’s not tall, but he’s built like a tank, and he moves unbelievably fast. Really, in charisma and style, he reminds me of a more muscular Monty Brown, and that is very much a compliment. And, apparently, Cena has taken him under his wing, which would certainly explain the progress.

He’s not ready for the main roster just yet, (plus there’s already a big muscular dude wrecking things up there at the moment,) but I’d put money down on this guy being successful. Like, bags and bags of money.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeA

Ready For Main Roster
: No

Psycho: Don’t let the funny haircut and unnecessary heavy-breathing fool you: Big E. Langston is an intimidating force that has come out of whatever shell he was in. He commands your attention, and while his mic time never really leaves you impressed, his dominance in the ring will wow you. Since the last two months of FCW, I had never seen a bad Big E. match, and they seem to get better with time. He gave Rollins his first good match as champion, and shows that he understands how psychology and a WWE wrestling match works to get the crowd involved. I can only see him moving up from here, and if they push him steadily without ruining his reactions, he’ll be a fantastic WWE Champion.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: B+

Percy Watson

– Charismatic
– Great athleticism
– Television experience

– Hasn’t improved since his NXT season
– One dimensional gimmick
– Forgettable

Cewsh: I like Percy Watson. If you watched his NXT season, you probably like Percy Watson too. Unfortunately, Percy Watson has gotten stuck in a bit of a rut since his initial charming run, and his stock has dropped considerably. He’s still fun, he’s still athletic, and he still has potential. But more and more it appears he may have peaked in the opening weeks of NXT.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeC-

Ready For Main RosterNo

Psycho: I really do not have much to say about Percy. He’s a good man to have in the ring, and he could be a dependable person to work with if you want to guarantee a match won’t absolutely bomb. He has a notable personality, but not one you necessarily want to see on TV every week. As I said to Cewsh before this: He’s a decent talent, but I’m pretty confident he has a ceiling.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: N/A

The Ascension

– Eye catching gimmick
– Solid teamwork
– The best team in development

– Connor O’Brien isn’t a great fit for this gimmick
– Their entrance is great, but needs fine tuning
– The only team in development

Cewsh: Welcome to the Brood 2.0. The Ascension is made up of two guys who really weren’t doing a whole lot, who went full goth and have really found something to work with as a result. They’re a solid, (not great,) team, that could really get big really fast once they get a hold of the production values of the main roster for their entrance and shenanigans. Of everyone on this roster, these are the guys most likely to get called up in the next few months.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeB-

Ready For Main RosterYes

Psycho: Kenneth Cameron and Conor O’Brian have both had some singles competition, but they have found something interesting in their tag team alliance. Going the Super-natural route with your gimmick is always a risky venture, but it’s something everyone wants to see pulled off right. Not everyone can be an Undertaker, though, and while these guys have the intensity and skills in the ring, I feel there are weaknesses in their portrayal. At times it feels too much like a joke, and I feel if they didn’t themselves so seriously when they do their battlecries(that always border between menacing and corny) and such acts to show how “dark and evil” they are, it would be pulled off better. Still, they’re one of the more interesting things going on in NXT, and they have a variation of the Total Elimination as their finisher…so…they’re pretty cool in my book, and they should be in the WWE Tag Team division. They need it anyway.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: B+

Bray Wyatt

– Incredible gimmick
– Gifted promo skills
– Unique in ring style

– Not as big as you’d like
– Gimmick may be too complex to have mass appeal
– Somewhat injury prone

Cewsh: If you are prone to listen to my ramblings on this website, it would be virtually impossible for you to have missed the praise that I’ve directed at this man and his gimmick. His demented southern preacher type character has drawn comparisons to Waylon Mercy and they are both seemingly culled from the same source, (Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear). But Wyatt is taking the kind of character that Mercy only began to explore and is taking is to it’s frightening conclusion. If he comes up to the main roster carrying this gimmick and performing like he has been, he may well be the biggest breath of fresh air that WWE has seen in years. …or he might not. It’s a gamble, expecting that this gimmick will translate to a large audience, and while Wyatt is killing it, the risk factor is still present with something this volatile, especially in the hands of a writing committee. He has my full endorsement, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t all go according to plan.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeA-

Ready For Main RosterYes

Psycho: If you’re even reading this review, you have probably heard all the buzz about Bray Wyatt, giving Dean Ambrose a run for his money. Husky went from a nobody with a recognizable look to the most captivating man who has made an appearance on NXT, and he’s been gone on injury the whole time. He’s unsettling, hypnotic, and he sends chills down your spine just watching him make subtle movements. He’s only wrestled around the ball-park of 5 matches since his gimmick change, but he has put everyone on alert…and I have a strong feeling he’ll be called up no later than a couple months after WrestleMania, and the only reason they would keep him is to let him flesh out and test his character more.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: A

Dean Ambrose

– Great promo skills
– Really unique style and mannerisms
-Whatever the “It Factor” is, he has it

– Former deathmatch wrestler
– Hit or miss in ring style
– Potential for overhype

Cewsh: Of everyone down in developmental, there is one guy who is quickly developing the most rabid fanbase, and his name is Dean Ambrose. He came in FCW like a whirlwind and immediately found himself embroiled in blood feuds and carved out a name for himself  as one of the most interesting and dynamic heels to come along in some time. While there were some initial concerns about his deathmatch past, he’s overcome his critics by turning in great performance after great performance. The fact that he isn’t already on your television can only mean that they have big plans for his debut, because seriously, this guy is ready yesterday.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeB+

Ready For Main RosterYes

Psycho: If there was such a title as “Godfather of FCW Having Talent,” Dean Ambrose would hold that title. Until Wyatt came around, he was the only man other than long-time ROH stars that had wrestling fans talking and hyping his legend. What a lot of us did not know yet was that hype was true, and this man has definitely been destined for stardom. He has a dark air around him, and I feel his mental indiscretions are more real than fiction, but it all adds to the allure. Is he really that off his rocker? Is he just a mad genius? Whatever the case, he is someone that snatches your attention and staples it to his face so you can not forget him. With solid wrestling skills and a masterful psychology, it’s only a matter of time before he graces our TV screens on Monday Night RAW.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: A

Mike Dalton

– Good look
– Athletic
– Great at selling

– Bland
– Bland
– Bland

Cewsh: Mike Dalton is Shannon Moore circa 2003. Whatever positives and negatives that suggests fit right in here.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeC-

Ready For Main Roster: No

Psycho: This firecracker is someone to watch. From a glance, you may think he’s just a Dolph Ziggler look-a-like, but he has plenty of talent to set him apart. He is easily one of the smoothest and creative wrestlers to step into a WWE ring. His late work on FCW was a show-stealer, and while he was not the best candidate for the FCW Championship, he deserved to hold on to it longer than he did. His weak point is in the fact that I have never heard him talk, and I can only assume part of that means he isn’t too fancy. He’s worth keeping an eye on, but he has quite some time before he’ll be ready for the spotlight.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: C

CJ Parker

– Likable
– Solid in ring skills
– Fancy pants

– No stand out skills
– Forgettable
– Fancypants

Cewsh: Well, at least he’s not Corey Graves.

Cewsh’s Prospect Grade: D+

Ready For Main Roster: No

Psycho: I have seen plenty of CJ Parker’s material, and I hardly remember any of it. That is not a good sign, but it’s not a damning statement considering he has plenty of time ahead of him. He is mostly solid, and with previous experience, he would make a strong fit for a tag team player. He’s a likeable, yet non-descript wrestler. If he finds a character somewhere, perhaps he’ll become something, but at this point, he’s just eating up space.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: C-

Corey Graves

– Looks like the world’s biggest douche

– Looks like the world’s biggest douche

Cewsh: If he makes it in WWE you can slap me with a fish. Seriously. It isn’t going to happen. His look is just outright off putting, his skills lend him towards being a tag team specialist in an age when those aren’t in hugely high demand, and he hasn’t even done any real character work that I could tell you about. If you were wondering who the bottom of the NXT barrel is, you’re looking at him.

Cewsh’s Prospect Grade: F

Ready For Main Roster: No

Psycho: Corey Graves rubs me the wrong way because he looks like a middle-aged high school creeper, and I do not really see the appeal in that. Conversely, it does make him feel ominous, which I suppose could add some interest, if not concern. I don’t believe he’s ever spoken, but his work as a tag team with Jake Carter was top-notch stuff. Why they are no longer featured together baffles me, because their sum is better than the parts. Quite the library of moves and mostly solid, but I question his psychology. He has quite a lot of work to do.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: C-

Rick Victor

– Gimmick and look draw the eye
– Solid in the ring
– Great set of moves

– No real connection with crowd
– Still Developing personality
– No obvious main event potential

Cewsh: I typed something here, and then I looked and Psycho said what I said almost word for word. So take it away Psycho.

Cewsh’s Prospect Grade: C+

Ready For Main Roster: No

Psycho: Rick Victor has something in him. He has a strong arsenal of maneuvers, and he actually knows how to use them well, but he’s not the most charismatic man. He tries, and he definitely is an oddball of a character, but I don’t think he has anything the fans can relate with yet. He’d make a good midcard contender at this point, but he has a path to improvement before he can deserve some gold on his waist.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: C+

Roman Reigns

– Amazing look
– Tremendous natural athlete
– Member of the Samoan wrestling heritage (Sika’s son)

– Still green
– Not great on the microphone
– Roman Reigns? You guys aren’t even trying anymore.

Cewsh: So he’s a direct member of the incredible Samoan wrestling dynasty, (he’s the son of Sika and the brother of Rosey,) AND he was a professional football player? Somebody at Titan Towers must have had the best orgasm of their life when Roman fell in their lap. He’s not even close to being ready, but when he is, good lord will you know about it.

Cewsh’s Prospect GradeB+

Ready For Main Roster: No

The Crowd

Psycho: This had to be said. When FCW was separate from NXT and it was the official development camp, the crowd was mediocre. You would get the occasional fun chant, and I personally enjoyed a handful of people shouting, “RIIIIIIIICOLA” when Antonio Cesaro did his former finisher, the Ricola Bomb. Yet, it never felt like the crowd really cared about what was going on. Skip a few weeks into the FCW/NXT merger, and that’s all changed. The crowd seems rowdy for each taping, and they make the episodes and the wrestlers come alive. Creative chants, interaction with the wrestlers, and just generally being marks for a sport that they all apparently love. Give this show TV exposure, and let people see how a show SHOULD be ran.

Psycho’s Prospect Grade: A+

Well that’ll do it for this scouting report, folks. We hope you enjoyed this run through of what the developmental system has to offer, and remember that you could see any of these guys or girls at any time. Maybe we’re right about them, and maybe we aren’t, but at least now when they swing down on a chandelier to attack the Great Khali with a fish, you’ll be able to turn to your friends and say “What the hell, that guy wasn’t even remotely ready for this. BOOOOO CALL UP STEAMBOAT”. And everyone there will think that you’re cool. Probably. We mostly guarantee it.

But what do you guys think of WWE’s future? After all, Psycho and I disagreed on many of these guys, so who do you think is the future of WWE? Hit us up in the comments or on Twitter (@CewshReviews) and let your voice be heard, Cewsketeers. It’s the only way we’ll learn.

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I am the owner and operator of Cewsh Reviews. We review pro wrestling shows in a way that is funny and educational. Probably. Usually at least one or the other.


  1. “WWE Style” is an in ring style that centers primarily around a few signature manuevers and a definitive finisher. If you watch matches in other companies, you'll note that those matches have many more matches that end in a variety of moves, or that feature work on individual limbs or the like. But in your average WWE match, it's really more of a race to hit your signature moves while playing to the crowd, and that's why WWE is known for “finisher fests” in their biggest matches.

    WWE style is also marked by being designed to be filmed well. Doing big moves and sequences where the cameras can clearly frame them, using rest holds to pace matches and babyface comebacks are all a big part. If you watch matches from different companies side by side, you can see how this differs from other places.


  2. Can you explain what is meant by “WWE style”? I have seen this referenced in a few places, but I've never seen it defined.

    Also, a good follow-up would be for Mr. Cewsh and Mr. Psycho to go a little deeper on the wrestlers you disagree on. (In this instance, “go a little deeper on the wrestlers” is not meant to sound dirty.)


  3. First of all, you're using billed heights and weights, which aren't reliable. Second of all, those guys all have something tremendously special about them that helped them overcome the fact that all 3 are smaller than you would want for a WWE prospect. If I had done scouting reports on them, small would have been in the con column also.

    More important, Bo just looks small against the other people on the NXT roster. It comes across pretty clearly that way.


  4. Bo Dallas's has small as a con? Did you do some research before writing this? Let me do it for you:

    Bo Dallas is 6 feet and 225 pounds
    Daniel Bryan is 5 feet 10 inches 210 pounds
    Dolph Ziggler is 6 feet 213 pounds
    CM Punk is 6 feet 2 inches 218 pounds

    Cm Punk is only 2 inches taller, other than that he is BIGGER than those guys.


  5. Speaking of Mojo, anyone here seen the other football player they signed named TAC? Guy has an AMAZING look so I hope he doesn't end up being terrible in the ring and/or the mic.


  6. Great post as always.

    Rollins: Pretty much agree with everything said.

    McGillicutty: Haven't seen any of his recent work.

    Kruger: Great look and promo skills, but his in-ring style just doesn't grab my attention.

    Dallas: A bit vanilla for my tastes.

    Curtis: see above.

    Paige: Haven't seen her work, but after that analysis, I'll definitely be seeking it out.

    Audrey: Haven't seen her work either, and from the sound of things, I haven't missed much.

    Ohno: Agree with everything said. Hoping to see a Kings of Wrestling reunion soon.

    Carter: From the one match of his I've seen, he seems pretty solid. Whether or not he turns solid into good or maybe great, only time will tell.

    Steamboat: Mostly agree with everything said, though I don't know if he's ready for the main roster JUUUUUUUUST yet…

    Langston: See Paige.

    Watson: Agree with everything said.

    Ascension: See Carter for both.

    Bray Wyatt: Have yet to see any of his matches under the new gimmick, but something's always intrigued me about this guy since day one. If he can stay healthy, I think he has a very bright future.

    Ambrose: Mostly agree, though he was never really a “deathmatch wrestler”. Like his former partner Sami Callihan, he more or less fell into the deathmatch thing during his time in CZW.

    Dalton: Haven't seen anything of him besides taking the best pop-up European uppercut from Cesaro I've ever seen.

    Parker: Haven't seen his work, and I don't know if I even want to.

    Graves: Looks like the world's biggest douche.

    Victor: See Dallas and Curtis.

    Reigns: Have yet to see his work.

    Crowd: Fully agree.

    (Excuse the essay, I was bored.)


  7. http://www.fcwwrestling.info/Roster/Xavier-Woods.html


    He would be Bray Wyatt's greatest follower if he receives a stable.

    If Mojo is as exciting as his name I feel he could really get over especially if he gets a good catchphrase that sticks.



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