The Results of The Cewsh Reviews Arto Contestico!

FINALLY, we have laboriously found a winner to our logo submission contest. We got several submissions ultimately and they ranged everywhere from lazy crap and oddly classy tributes. But after letting Vice have a free hand in choosing the winner, he harshly criticized all of the entries (it was like Simon Cowell nasty) before settling on the only one in the whole bunch that made him laugh when he saw it.

So with no further ado, here is the winner of the very first Cewsh Reviews Arto Contestico, and the winner of a t-shirt with his design on it and a warm Yoohoo through the mail…


His combination of total balls out ridiculousness, along with Vice’s odd love of being a police officer that I never knew about him before, as well as his utterly accurate depiction of my physique clinched it for him, as he finally assigned bodies to the floating heads we’ve been all this time. The explosion was also tastefully restrained, and the Shopping masterfully executed.

So congratulations to takerson, and thank you to all of you who submitted pieces of your own. We’ll play this again and you’ll all get a chance to win all on your own, the fabulous prizes in store. But until then, hail the current king, as he has provided the official logo of Panda Puro Party Month.

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