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TNA Against All Odds 2011

Welcome, cats and kittens, to yet another installment of the only reviews defended by the champion of Redwall, Cewsh Reviews! We have a special treat for you tonight as we take a trip down to Orlando and ride the rides at Universal Studios, shed a tear at the office space where Nickelodeon Studios used to be, and, if there’s time, review TNA’s Against All Odds 2011! Now when last we left TNA, Immortal had all the titles in TNA except for the very most prized one which Ken Anderson had won in shocking fashion. He’s managed to hold onto it all month despite the best attempts of Fortune to get it back and tonight Jeff Hardy will have to try to take it away himself, all alone, in the match that he made Extreme, a ladder match. Meanwhile, Immortal is in turmoil as Fortune (AJ Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money) have split from the group to find their own spotlight, and Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner and Amazing Red really tall brother have come together with them to even the odds. Tonight things wont be settled, but people will punch each other over issues, which is good enough for me.

So without any further ado, let’s do a motherfucking review!


Cewsh: We kick things off on this show with our usual opening video. BUT WAIT, now your wrestling hype video comes with 150% more mediocre metal band! As we see images in sepia tones like an old west wanted poster, we also get to see it interspliced with a music video of come kind by a band that contains the three staples of every bad metal band in existence.

1. White guy with dreadlocks? Check.
2. Strangely New Age sounding name? Check.
3. Cast of Rock of Love Season 4? Err…check apparently.

In between this silliness we learn that Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett are having a match over custody of children, Ken Anderson thinks he can draw fully realized title belts in crayon (with his rectum), and AJ Styles is still awesome. Solely on the strength of that last one, this video gets a pass. Let’s see where the night takes us from here.

Segment 3 – TNA X Division Championship – Kaz(a Mataz)arian © vs. Robbie E(gregious) w/ (Oh) Cookie (Let Me Get In Your Head).

Cewsh: In the weeks leading up to this show, 3 triple threat matches had taken place to crown the three men who would meet here tonight in yet another triple threat match to determine the number one contender to the X Division title. Unfortunately Robbie E and the two members of Generation Me were the respective winners, and Generation Me missed their flight. So instead of that, Robbie E and Cookie come out and demand that Generation Me be formally disqualified, giving him the shot. The ref grudgingly does it, and they turn to go before Kaz emerges from the entryway and says that since Robbie is the number one contender, he’ll be getting his match roughly…um…NOW.

Robbie E isn’t really pleased at this development, and he’s even less pleased when Kazarian calls his manager a “dirty little garden gnome” (which is pretty good for Kazarian) and he’s even LESS pleased when Kaz proceeds to start kicking the shit out of him all over ringside. Robbie fights back in his dickcheesious way and gets the advantage to resounding boos from the crowd (who are playing along with a match for once). Kaz fights, back, near fall, near fall, near fall, until finally Robbie gets thrown into the turnbuckle, leaps up to dodge and lands perfectly on Kaz’s shoulders for a devastating Air Raid Crash which literally planted Robbie’s neck onto the heel of Kaz’s shoe and pins him for the surefire win.

As far as opening matches go, there was nothing wrong with this at all. Robbie E has great heat and the crowd seems to be warming for Kazarian so it was a great save by TNA after 2/3rds of their match no showed (much better than what they did to Doug Williams and the volcano excursion). Not too much, not too little. Just right.

70 out of 100.

Cewsh Note: Vice has disappeared. This much has already been known, but the true nature of his absence is as noteworthy as the absence itself. You see, his arch nemesis of these long years the Midgar Zolom appeared at his door dressed as a Girl Scout selling cookies, the fiend. Vice, naturally taken in by the promise of thin mints, let down his guard and kidnapped by the beast. He probably should have noticed that the girl scout was two dozen feet tall and was, in fact, a giant snake, but hey, we all make mistakes.

As a result of these tumultuous events, I have sought far and wide for a replacement for Vice on this show, finally getting ahold of Vice’s Mexican cousin Senor Vicio. He isn’t familiar with the wrestling in this country, or as it happens the English language, but let’s make him feel welcome to the Cewsh Reviews family.

Senor Vicio: Estoy empezando a amar a Robbie E. Al principio pensé que no valía nada, pero ahorase ha demostrado como un personaje muy divertido. Quiero ver más de él. Me gustacómo TNA improvisados este segmento porque Max y Jeremy no podía hacerlo.

Kazarian sale con una gran ovación y dice que va a luchar ahora. Este fue un primer partido muy bueno. Nada espectacular, pero muy divertido aún. Una buena manera deempezar el espectáculo. Realmente me gusta cómo va Kazarian 120% en PPV.

Me alegro de verle ganar, también.

Kazarian Over Robbie E Following The Air Raid Crash.

Segment 3 – Scott Steiner Needs To Borrow Some Beer Money.

Cewsh: Scott Steiner and Beer Money are backstage with Christy Hemme and Christy asks Scott his thoughts on their upcoming match against Big Rob Terry and the Job Squad. He proceeds to stutter a few times, and grab James Storm’s beer out of his hand, downing it in one go. He then says that the match is going to be exactly like a match he had two years ago which is exactly like a match at the beginning of his career. He then stutters some more, prompting another beer chug and then announces that “I’m going to be putting my foot so far up your ass, you’re going to be suit.” He then tells Rob Terry that its clear that he’s been taking the vitamins like Immortal suggests, but that’s its too bad they don’t give vitamins for coordination, which I assume is a shoot comment about Terry being stiff as a board.

Then Steiner walks like an Egyptian off screen as Christy and Beer Money just laugh in disbelief. He then returns while RObert Roode is talking to give him a creepy massage.

Its Only Weird If We Let It Be.

THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how you cut a promo.

Segment 4 – Rob Terry and Some Other Guys vs. Scott Steiner and the Beer Sharps.

Cewsh: Here’s the thing. Beer Money are great. Scott Steiner is amazing in his way. Rob Terry is a really exciting talent who could develop into something special if he’s given the chance and protected in the right way. And Gunner and Murphy are…yeah they’re there too. But the trouble is that none of the elements in this match make any sense together whatsoever. It doesn’t make sense for Fortune and Scott Steiner to have anything to do with each other, because Fortune is against the old guys stealing spots from them, and even if Steiner is a face, he still meets that criteria. Rob Terry turned heel and joined Immortal for money, which is fair enough, but he’s been made to look like a total afterthought jobber after having spent a whole year being built effective as the Murder Machine. Then there’s Gunner and Murphy who, in all seriousness, have been jobbed out ever since the first day they showed up, and I’m not sure why we’re supposed to buy them as credible now.

Add all that together, and you get a match that is really confusing, and really awkward. Thankfully one thing, and one thing only, saves this match from being dickbutter. And his name is Big Poppa Pump. Steiner’s irreverent humor and total crowd support makes this match seem like a much bigger deal than it is, and his mini feud with Terry actually brings out some interest from this whole muddled thing. That doesn’t make this match a delight or anything, but it makes it tolerable in the least. And when the big guy nails the Frankensteiner off the top, there’s nothing more beautiful.

67 out of 100.

Senor Vicio: ¡BIG ROB TERRY! ¡Scott Steiner!

¿Cómo épica es esto? Bueno, no realmente. Lo que sea. Tenía la esperanza de que habría más de este partido, pero es lo que es, y eso no es mucho, lamentablemente.

Scott Steiner and the Beer Sharps Over Rob Terry and Some Other Guys Following A Frankensteiner.

Segment 5 – D’Von’s Kids Look Exactly Like He Used To.

Cewsh: Except, you know, minus 5 inches and 8 million cheeseburgers.

It Really Looks Like Both Of Them Together Might Be Thinner Than Devon.

Anyway, here Devon says that he wont be letting his two sons be part of the planned 3 on 1 handicap match against Bully Ray later tonight. Why would that match even be taking place? We’ll get to that a little later…

Segment 6 – Samoa (Sloppy) Joe vs. D’Angelo (Crazy Fuck) Dinero.

Cewsh: I’m gonna be honest with you. I have no idea what is going on with these two. A few months ago, Dinero turned heel to join with Nash and Sting to fight against what they believed to be a conspiracy against them by TNA management. When they turned out to be totally right (the conspiracy was the beginnings of Immortal) Sting and Nash left and Dinero turned back face because, hey, he hadn’t been doing anything heelish. So he was a face for awhile until all of a sudden he decided to not only call out Samoa Joe for no reason, but to become a complete over the top insane motherfucker roasting pigs in the middle of the ring and literally STEALING FROM CHARITIES FOR FUN.

Joe, on the other hand, was twisting in the wind after he was betrayed by Jeff Jarrett and then beaten sounded by Jarrett since he was a total afterthought to the planned Jarrett/Angle feud. Then he gets mixed up in the 300th feud where somebody (Dinero in this case) calls him fat. Except now he has a sidekick (Okada from New Japan) who is a direct and complete rip off of the sidekick from the Green Hornet. This has never been explained or fleshed out in any way.

So now here Dinero and Joe are, both once prospects that I announced in these very reviews that TNA could not possibly fuck up, and they are facing each other in a match that I just cannot make myself want to watch. This is not good.

But this match, well there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Pope wore these awesome shorts:


The bad news is pretty much everything else.

These two have unique styles that need to be sold for and paced in different ways. The combination of those two styles COULD provide for an entertaining match, but here they just don’t really, as Joe spends too much time on defense, and Pope spends too much time on offense. If Joe were a different kind of babyface (the sympathetic kind) this would work great. But Samoa Joe has always been, and always will be a destroyer. That is what we understand him to be, and him trying to be anything other than that just kind of falls flat and makes him look weak at this point. Then he grabs on the Koquina Clutch out of nowhere and Pope taps out literally in half a second, so the match ends before it even has time to register that anything has happened.

After the match Pope offers a handshake to Joe who, bound by the Code of Honor, goes for it. Pope then beats the shit out of him because if wrestling has taught me anything it is that anybody who offers you a greeting of any kind if just going to attack you, which is why I preemptively headbutt nuns. Can’t be too careful. Okada (or as they have cleverly renamed him “Okado”) leaps in to protect Joe and is promptly knocked out with one punch. Dinero celebrates his success, though possibly he may want to be less confident after seeing Joe’s face:


Dinero? Do you have a completely inappropriate reaction?

Yes, That’ll Do.

68 out of 100.

Senor Vicio: Joe tiene las botas realmente estúpido. El Papa es una locura.

¿Cómo carajo TNA Joe a este mal? Cuando debutó, sólo parecía un imposible.Asegúrese de que el GOLDBERG te mataré todo tipo de personaje no puede durar para siempre y, finalmente, tendrán que desarrollar una personalidad poco más. TNAsólo lo hizo todo mal aunque. Él ha sido destruida varias veces ya, y ahora todos y luego se va a hacer algo que nos da un poco de esperanza, pero luego se destruyerápidamente.

Yo estaba realmente esperando este partido sería mejor ya que tanto los hombrestienen el potencial de ser sorprendente en el ring, pero esto fue sólo un poco de allí. No me gusta mucho, aunque no fue un mal partido. Me gustó que el Papa presentó tan rápidamente a la estrangulación sin embargo. No se ve gran parte de que ya en estos días, lo que me hace un poco triste.

Samoa Joe Over D’Angelo Dinero Following The Koquina Clutch.
Segment 6 – Goddamit Mickie.

Cewsh: Today Mickie has decided to plays indians instead of cowgirls. Still eagerly anticipating the day when she chooses to resemble a good wrestler.

Mickie cuts a promo suggesting that Madison only got the championship by sleeping around for it, which is totally preposterous as we have documented that the only time she ever slept with anyone for gain was so somebody ELSE could win the title. Because our perfect Madison is just that much of a giver.

Lucky fucking Slick Johnson.

Segment 7 – TNA Knockouts Championship – Last Woman Standing Match – Madison (Our Killer Queen) Rayne © vs. Mickie (Our Killed Interest) James.

Cewsh: The storyline here has gone on for some time, and dates back to when Mickie first arrived in TNA. See, Mickie has wanted to cement herself as the top female wrestler in what she believes to be the top female wrestling promotion in the world (since she has apparently never heard of Shimmer). She has been hampered by numerous obstacles along the way before she finally got her chances with Madison, but their series of matches has been plagued by Madison knocking her the fuck out with a loaded MMA glove she has taken to wearing. Now they’re here to, conceivably, settle the score for good in a Last Woman Standing match where one woman has to put the other down until the count of ten.

Now we love us some Madison, you should be familiar with that idea by now. And we dislike Mickie to just about an equal degree. But despite our gripes about Mickie, there was nothing wrong with this match at all. Mickie laid in the offense making it look like she wanted that title bad, and Madison is as good a heel as women’s wrestling has these days. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this match has an ending that…well…

Mickie gets Madison down, and Madison appears to be about down for the count. Not contented with this, however, Mickie snatches the loaded glove off of Madison’s hand (because of course the referee wouldn’t object to someone just wearing an established loaded glove all match long) and puts it on herself. Then Tara runs out, and in a fit of brilliance Mickie decides to punch her to get rid of her. However, while still WEARING A LOADED GLOVE ON HER LEFT HAND she punches Tara with her right, causing Tara to struggle with her instead of, say, being knocked the fuck out. Realizing her mistake, she DOES clock Tara with the loaded glove, but this has allowed Madison to pull out some brass knuckles and knock Mickie out. Madison then goes for a pin for a solid 5 seconds before the ref informs her that he can’t start counting until she remembers what kind of match she’s in. She rolls off, Mickie gets counted out, and Cewsh Reviews Superfan (and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2011) takerson holds up the awesomest and most appropriate sign in wrestling history.


68 out of 100.

Senor Vicio: ¡Tetas!

Madison Rayne Over Mickie James Following A Brass Knuckle Blow.

Segment 8 – Jeff Hardy. Does Anything Else Really Need To Be Said?

Cewsh: Jeff Hardy is backstage attempting to put on makeup unsuccessfully.

Applying Lipstick. You’re Doing It Wrong.

He cuts a promo on Ken Anderson that is actually pretty good, as Hardy’s character is still really interesting, and it would be a lot easier to take this in if he weren’t actively sticking big pieces of chalk into his eye socket while he did it. You know, distracting.

 Segment 9 – Oh Hey, Its Matt Morgan.

Cewsh: At this point in the show, Matt Morgan decides to saunter to the ring in street clothes in what is conceivably a surprise moment to call our Hernandez for a fight. I say conceivably, because while the idea here is that Morgan did this spontaneously, the atrocious announce team just treats this like the next item on the run sheet, sucking any excitement out of it entirely.

Hell Even Mike Tenay Tunes Out Taz When He Talks.

Morgan wastes no time calling out Hernandez. His and Hernandez then comes out and cuts a promo about how they appreciated him in Mexico and don’t here in America because they’re looking for the “next great white hope”. He also proclaims that Morgan is “not the majority anymore. Now YOU’RE the minority” which seems like kind of a ridiculous thing to just proclaim since Hernandez is exactly one Hispanic man and not, say, 800 million. But I digress. Hernandez says some other stuff about how he came back to America to beat up white people because he feels unappreciated, and while I’ve railed against this sort of thing before, I just can’t afford this segment anything other than a sad shake of the head. It is SO forced, and SO ridiculously over the top that even the crowd hardly bothers to boo it.

They fight a little after that. The minority wins. Or the majority. Somebody wins. It isn’t the viewers.

Segment 10 – Matt Hardy Unveils A New Nickname.

Cewsh: Admit it, when you read that you had your facepalm locked and loaded right off the bat, didn’t you?

Matt Hardy, or “Cold Blood” Matt Hardy as he would like to be referred to as now, wants you to know that “Cold Blood” is something that society forced him into. He was buried by WWE because his brother was such a fuck up and it made him cold blooded. Towards WWE, naturally, not his brother who did it. He Whose Plasma Is Chilly regards Rob Van Dam as nothing more than a stepping stone on his path to somewhere. He’s not clear on where, but he’d really like to be there.

 Segment 11 – “(Stone) Cold Blood” Matt Hardy vs. Rob Vam D(Sp)am.

Cewsh: Here are some things to consider about Matt Hardy these days if you haven’t seen him in awhile. Firstly, he’s in the best physical shape of his entire life according to him, and he certainly looks like it as he’s ripped to the gills. Secondly, he has really awesome entrance music. Thirdly, and finally, he seems to have something seriously wrong with his knees, as at every turn in every match he has, he never bends them at all for any reason. He stays stiff legged all the time and often just leans forward precariously to punch people or deliver moves, like if they don’t come to him he’ll just fall over out of helplessness. As you might imagine, this hampers his matches, and its no different here as he attempts to keep up with the forever young Rob Van Dam, and winds up just looking stiff and old.

Now that’s not to say that the match sucks, because it doesn’t. Hardy covers his clear issues the best he can, and RVD is good at moving around and taking attention off of any opponent’s weakness. They wrestle an even competitive match for a good long time until the ends rushes up all off a sudden and cuts things off anticlimactically. Still though, with the limitations and recent performances of these two, this match should have been worse, and it’s a credit to both of them that it was as good as it was.

71 out of 100.

Senor Vicio: Matt Hardy está empezando a parecer que está en muy buena forma. Y no sólo MattHardy buena forma. Buena forma legítima. Se está perdiendo una gran parte del vientrey los brazos son un aspecto muy agradable.

Este partido fue realmente muy bueno. He disfrutado mucho hasta el final, que fue muydecepcionante. No me dolió mucho, aunque en general.

Rob Van Dam Over Matt Hardy Following The Five Star Frog Splash.
Segment 12 – Bubba Ray Tries To Rape Christy Hemme.
She Seems Thrilled.

Cewsh: Just wonderful. Really. Well done, TNA.

Segment 13 – Street Fight – Bully (Available On All Consoles) Ray vs. (Oh) Brother Devon.

Cewsh: If you’ve been paying attention to TNA recently you know that Team 3D recently announced their impending retirement and then totally said psyche to all of us when Brother Ray turned on Devon and donned the new title of “Bully” Ray. Ever since he has been living up to his name and heeling it up all over town, including spitting on Devon’s two sons as they sat at ringside. As a result, a match was scheduled, at Ray’s request, to pit Devon and both of his sons against Ray in a Street Fight. Devon agreed, but earlier tonight he got cold feet about putting his kids in danger, so he expressly forbade them from getting involved. That’s going to be important later, kids.

This match starts off like any other street fight really. Lots of punching is done, and weapons get involved. You know, the usual. But what elevates this match from the very beginning is, firstly, the degree to which Bully Ray is heeling it up here, which may be heelier than any heel who has ever heeled at any point ever. He riles the normally docile Impact Zone up so bad that people are calling for his blood. Which brings me to the second thing that elevates this match, which is that Devon is out for blood and never lets up in his aggression against his former partner, like so many lesser wrestlers do in these heated situations. As a result we have a great, intense brawl with great heat from the crowd, but this is only the sprig of parsley on the plate for what is to come.

Eventually Devon gets the upper hand and has things well in control when his two sons come down to cheer on their dad. This distracts Devon long enough for Ray to waffle Devon with a chair. Devon’s sons get involved then, and together they all give Ray the WASSUUUUUUUUUP and in a cute moment his sons call for their dad to get the tables. Ray cuts Devon off, though, and then handcuffs him to the turnbuckle, leaving Devon totally helpless and in serious trouble. His sons loyally run back in to try to help their dad escape, but they have no idea what they’re dealing with in Bully Ray, as the deranged Ray beats both of them down viciously from behind. Now it is important to realize at this point that Devon’s sons were an announced and accepted part of this match. The reason Devon wanted them to stay away is because otherwise they would be a formal part of the proceedings, but now that they’re here they are absolute fair game for Ray and now Devon is forced to look on helpless as his former best friend in the world stalks his young sons like prey.

The eldest son, Terrell, puts forth a valiant effort in fighting back, but eventually Bully Ray buries him with a stiff boot and covers him for the win. But Ray isn’t done, and as Devon screams and begs for Ray to spare his kids, Bully Ray comes over to taunt him and raises a chair to bash his brains in, but instead stops, looks to the kids and gets a huge smile on his face. He grabs Devon’s youngest son, drags him over to the table and sets him up for a powerbomb. Then he looks Devon straight in the eye and says “You’re weak. They never should have kicked out of 3D.”

“This Is All Your Fault.”

Then Devon looks on in horror as Bubba absolutely cannons his son through the table landing him right on his neck in front of his father. Then Ray leaves, smiling wide and Devon collapses in a heap on his son with tears streaming down his face, broken and defeated.


That was one of the most emotional endings to a wrestling match I have seen in a long, long time. The tears from Devon, the helplessness of the sons, and the out of control insanity of Ray all combined into something really special, and the icing on all of it was those words “They never should have kicked out of 3D” meaning that this was all begun when the Machine Guns kicked out of the unstoppable 3D in Team 3D’s retirement match. Its such a small little detail, and one that didn’t even require any further elaboration or explanation. But it, like this ending, was pitch perfect.

Believe it or not, and I certainly couldn’t, Team 3D just stole this show.

88 out of 100.

Cewsh’s Download Seal of Approval.

Senor Vicio: Santo mierda todo acerca de este partido fue impresionante. Esto fue muy divertido, bueno y muy emocional al final. Bully Ray es un villano magnífico, y me encontrédejándonos arrastrar hacia toda la situación de D-Von, quien hizo un trabajo realmente fantástico. En serio, esto fue realmente bueno. Me impactó mucho por todo. Bravo,TNA.

Bully Ray Over The Devons Following A Big Boot.

Segment 14 – Jeff Jarrett IS Really Sure He’s Going To Win.

Cewsh: Like, really, really, really sure. Its good to be confident.

Kurt Angle is backstage talking about this match also, and he seems less sure and, rightfully so, way more interested in gaining custody of his kids and getting this over with.

Kurt’s the sane one? Everything comes full circle eventually, doesn’t it?

Segment 15 – Custody Of Children vs. Forced Vow Renewal Accompaniment Match – Kurt (We’re Doing What Now) Angle vs. Jeff (Slapnut) Jarrett.

Cewsh: I could take this time to delve into what a disaster this storyline has really been. I could discuss my thoughts on involving small children in a messy divorce angle while they’re actually dealing with a real life messy divorce between the same people. I could even lay some thoughts down on this crack addled stipulation that makes no sense and detracts from what could otherwise be an exciting match.

I could, but I wont because fuck it.

These guys have themselves a strong, back and forth, competitive match that reminded me instantly of their better match from a few years ago where the heel/face roles were reversed. These guys have good chemistry and its on display here as they go back and forth having a damn good time, and do more to sell their storyline than weeks of ridiculous angles and plot points. When Jarrett wins out of nowhere with a rollup reversal, Angle sits staring off into space, shocked at his loss and what it will mean for him, as Jarrett stares at him in an almost obsessive way. Finally Angle takes his shoes off and leaves them in the ring (which Taz tells us means that a wrestler is done for good), and that closes the door on this chapter of the feud, leaving us in high suspense for when Kurt will half to walk Karen down the aisle for her zzzzZZzzzZZzzzZzZZzzzZZzzZZZzz

79 out of 100.

Senor Vicio: Si esto fuera en cualquier otra parte del mundo, este partido hubiera sido mucho mejor.Se luchó muy bien y había un montón de historia fantástica y el drama de aquí, pero losfans simplemente no les importa una mierda en la mayor parte de ella. ¿Por qué?Debido a que son malas personas.

Kurt Angle patadas de absolutamente todo y se niega a permitir que el dolor lo mejorde él, sólo para ser enrollada para la cuenta de tres fue brillante. Y es curioso cómodiferentes TNA es de la WWE. En el TNA, el héroe siempre se deja follar y pierdehorriblemente hasta que finalmente vengarse después a nadie le importa ya. En la WWE, el héroe siempre parece el triunfo hasta que nadie da una mierda cuando el talón se su momento. Si estas dos maneras de escribir de alguna manera se reunieronen el centro, podríamos tener un poco de televisión maldita multa.

Cewsh Note: takerson had a really rad Cewsh Reviews sign for this match too (a seal of approval sign no less), but it was never captured well on camera. But he deserves another shout out nonetheless.

Jeff Jarrett Over Kurt Angle Following A Fruit Rollup.

Segment 16 – Asshole Address.

Cewsh: Four score and about 5 minutes ago, Ken Anderson cut a promo about how he doesn’t like Justin Beiber. Somewhere in there he also suggests that he’s going to beat Jeff Hardy in his own signature match.

Am I the only one who is getting a little tired of Anderson’s whole babyface schtick?

Segment 17 – TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Ladder Match – Ken (Ken) Anderson © vs. Jeff (Antirice) Hardy.

Senor Vicio: El Mr. Anderson es tan mala suerte. Finalmente, consigue su gran oportunidad después de todas las lesiones y diversos reveses que ha tenido en su carrera y, a continuaciónel título viene de regreso de él, porque la fecha del adicto a las drogas de la corte fue aplazado una vez más.

Este fue un partido agradable. No era muy bueno como un número de partidos, otra escalera, pero hizo el trabajo con un poco convincente de mi cerebro se apague. Elfinal tuvo una buena idea en mente, aunque por desgracia, fue frustrado bastante mal.Las escaleras son demasiado inestables para el final del partido para hacerlo con seguridad estas cosas locas. Yo estaba aterrorizada por los dos durante los últimos 2minutos más o menos, teniendo en cuenta la forma de conciliar esas escaleras fueron.Por lo que necesitan para que le pongan escaleras o mantener uno o dos escaleras de reserva que no han sido destruidos para ser utilizado para el acabado.

Cewsh: Absolutely. I can’t say it any better than that.

When it comes to ladder matches, there are ultimately two kinds. The kind where the performers know the music and play it, and the kind where the performers innovate and make it their own. This was the former. This match could almost be broken down into a list of the moves performed without any need for more information because a sum of its moves is all it was. There was no emotion, no intensity, no selling, and no fun. It was like watching a slide show on the prototypical ladder match taught by your boring history professor. Well done or not, eventually its going to put you to sleep.

Jeff Hardy regains the title, by the way (SPOILER ALERT), meaning, I guess, that he’s not going to jail just yet.

One Small Step For Jeff, One Giant Leap For Drug Addicts.

The title pretty much belongs there right now, but you’ve gotta feel for Anderson a bit. Finally reaches the mountaintop because the champion is going to jail, only to have it yanked away because he isn’t.

Shows what your employers think of you.

75 out of 100.

Jeff Hardy Over Ken Anderson Following Retrieval Of The Title Belt.

Cewsh’s Conclusions:

Cewsh: This is a show with a surprisingly high score from me. If you look at the individual match score, its pretty much solid down the line with one match I really enjoyed, but to read the reviews themselves indicates clearly that there are some serious problems afoot here handicapping all of these performers and keeping them from aspiring to even greater heights. That there were eight matches and only a Brother Devon vs. Bully Ray match escapes any level of scorn is a very, very, very bad sign.

So bask in the good score this month, TNA. If your performers ever slip up, your booking is going to send that score down the shitter where it belongs.

Cewsh’s Final Score: 73.25 out of 100.

 Senor Vice’s Spicy Score:

Senor Vicio: En general este fue un show muy sólido que me gustaba. Sí hubo algún “meh ” en este programa, pero era bastante inofensivo. Cuando TNA es TNA, tengo un buen ratomirando. Ellos tienen una tendencia a hacer las cosas mal ofensiva de vez en cuando,pero no había nada demasiado absurdo en este programa.

Senor Vicio’s Final Score: ???

Cewsh Note: One more shout out to takerson, who has to be considered the foremost Cewsh Reviews superfan in the world at this point for showing us off on an actual TNA PPV. Do you think you can top him? Get out there and show your Cewsh Reviews spirit and ingenuity, and there just might be something in it for you. Stay tuned.

Well that’ll do it for us this time, boys and girls. We hope you enjoyed our…err…unique review of Against All Odds. Next week (or this week, rather) we’ll be diving back in to the wonderful world of Shimmer, as we ramp up for the Cewsh Reviews Mega Jet Pack Vacation Fun Time at the end of this month with the crew heading to Chicago to see the new Shimmer tapings in person. So stay tuned for that, and in the meantime keep reading and be good to one another!

Written by Cewsh

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