You all disgust me.

Mrs. Cewsh: Sunday Supplements is an idea we, (mostly Cewsh,) have been kicking around for awhile. Most of our readers are getting their weekly dose of Cewsh from Rajah a day earlier and a whole lot uglier. But what about those few, (Too few. Subscribe now.) loyal fans who are actually reading this on site?

Sunday Supplements is your gift. It’s a weekly post about whatever the hell we want. Vice made another video of a match synched to an 80’s 1-hit wonder? Sunday Supplement. Cewsh reviewed The Marine 2: This Time Even the Guy from Terminator Turned Us Down? Sunday Supplement! It’ll go in a mostly round robin fashion, starting with the most underutilized member of the team, me! Ms.Cewsh, that is.

My favorite part of running a blog isn’t the fame or the money or even the crowds of men and women screaming for the privilege of being my distraction on those long, lonely nights. No, it’s you. Yes you. I know how you got here. You were really searching for that? That’s illegal in 43 states, you know. I could be guilty by association here! Well if I’m going down, so are the rest of you. In the 6 months since this blog launched, here are the weirdest, sickest, and most illegal things Cewsh Reviews has been a result for in a search engine:

shelley craft nipple (For the Americans: She’s an Aussie actress. For the Aussies: They’re not here. Stop looking.)
tna pants (After the sixth or seventh time this search string came up, I checked it. They’re not affiliated with the wrestling company, I can say that much.)
who’s nailin palin part 1 (At one time, we were the ninth highest result for this. *tear*)
an american tail the mystery of the night monster (Fievel doesn’t deserve to be on a list with such filth!)
kevin james sweat the small stuff (...people search for Kevin James?)
icp interview 2008 (…how COULD you?!?)
big breasted women jumping rope (Trust me, it’s less erotic and more painful.)
girl fucking bowling pin (Spare me. I’m going on strike for having to deal with such gutter minds.)
oblivion moving breasts (Yeah, it doesn’t surprise me that we intersect with video games.)
jelly wrestling contest (At least it’s wrestling related?)
face trample (Not the worst trample porn we’ve come up for, but the one that makes me feel the least bad.)
so cal val feet (Better than her face, I suppose)
real tentacle fuck
funny jokes about octopus
(I’m going to pretend this goes with the one above it.)

alex and crazy chris broke straight boys (I know Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin led to this one. Now you too have that mental image.)
70 year old woman fuck (You can have that mental image too.)
forced lesbian asslicking (Belladonna looking for her own work?)
what does revialry mean (It means you should’ve repeated the third grade.)
download “holy fuck” or (This one isn’t so funny, it’s just oddly specific.)
puffy blubbercunt (Ego fan? Is that you? You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.)
tna flicks boy fucks his step mother (We are currently the number three result for this.)
weird conjoled twins (What did you cajole them into doing?)

Now this isn’t fair. Just because we were a result in a search engine, sometimes on the eighth-ish page, doesn’t mean our fans are depraved. Oh wait…

daniels and matt morgan killed (This one scared me. If it ever happens, I’m blaming you, Mr.Internet Search Guy)
tom zenk (ZENNNNNNNNNK!)
alex shelley skull fuck video (This is my all time favorite search string. Not, “Has this guy done porn?” it’s “I know this guy has forced a partner to gag on his throbbing man meat, show it to me.”)
big dick (I hope you were looking for Johnson.)
black women who love white dick (…GTFO of life.)
boys getting nails painted (Thursdays at the Cewsh-hold. How did you know?)
daffney boob job wrestler (Do not let Vice catch you talking about Daffney’s boobs.)
elkview adams mom (Oh I’m no good at these. Your mom?)
exhibition penis (Did it wrestle a match, get awarded a scholarship, or go on display in a museum?)
fashion tv nipple slips (“Vito! Vito! Over here! Who are you wearing, Vito!”)
i want to see wwe diva kelly kelly sucking a man prick (Who doesn’t?)
jenna haze old man title (The Legends’ Title scene was getting stale…)
live penis piercing (As opposed to a dead penis?)
randy orton ass (Yes, please!)

shelley craft nipple (They’re not here!)
sojourner bolt wardrobe malfunction (Don’t even say that. It’s like Bloody Mary or the Candyman. It might come true.)
sting scorpiond death lock looks like shit (This isn’t depraved, it’s AWESOME.)
victory fucking womens wrestling (The women’s wrestlers are having a victory fuck post match? Someone named Victory is fucking the whole concept?)
video dwarf wrestling cheese grater (That’s one hell of a cheese grater.)
video free gay men wrestling nude (That’s not called wrestling, son.)

who was the ref in wcw with the mullet (Your mom!)

Those are all actual search strings that not only led to our site, but people actually clicked? And in several cases, stayed to look around? Tsssssss…um yeah. I got nothing.

Don’t fret! We don’t really care how you found us, we’re just happy you did. Besides, those are all actual words on our site. Maybe if we were less profane, or learned to spell “rivalry”, (Cewsh,) we’d get less perverts. Or maybe not. Besides, who hasn’t been up at 4 in the morning and wanted to see a dwarf wrestle a cheese grater?

Written by Cewsh

I am the owner and operator of Cewsh Reviews. We review pro wrestling shows in a way that is funny and educational. Probably. Usually at least one or the other.

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